Sunday, December 28, 2008

Really, I haven't fallen off the side of the earth...

I had quite the series of travel nightmares (3 straight canceled flights in 3 cities) which resulted in me landing at home sweet home a day early and without appropriate luggage, a computer, or a single book or study aid for the Board exam I am now taking in 3 days. Despite the mishaps I've had a wonderful couple of weeks. I am a little fatter, but totally ready to stop this traveling nonsense for awhile and do some training. Here are some pics of Christmas week (My brother and his 2 precious kiddos). I'll be back, I promise...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was thinking about numbers today and thought I would try to figure out some things about my year

22- Emergency Medicine Residency programs where I applied
11- Programs where I will interview
6 - Programs West of the Mississippi
5 - Programs East of the Mississippi
1- Place I will match

5- Planes I will be on in the next 48 hours

5- Times I have been at Phoenix Sky Harbor International this year

But what got me thinking about all these numbers was my intense desire for coffee. In my 5 trips to PHX, I have never had a hard time acquiring a cup of the highly addictive Starbucks coffee. Why is that?

There are eight, EIGHT Starbucks at PHX. I blame this airport for single handedly feeding my addiction for the black stuff. Bastards.

On the positive side, they have free wireless and the most convenient rental car center in the country. So they aren't all that bad.

Some other numbers that I have been pondering...

23- Number of planes I will have boarded between November 11th and January 11th
7- Rental cars this year
3- Christmas presents I have purchased
7- Shopping days left

And now for something relevant to the blog...

0- Times I have been in a pool since November 15th
2- Places I have bikes set up on trainers at the moment
0- Times I have been on either of them since Saturday
100- Times I am trying to run in the next 100 days (slow base miles)
0- injury pains of any sort I have had in the past 1.5 months
3- Pounds I have gained in the past 2 months

Ok, enough of this foolishness. I have a plane to catch.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

10 Cities in 15 nights....

So there really is a reason that I've been so sparse around here. It's mid-interview season and I'm traveling around the country like a woman possessed. Last week after returning from Vegas I spent a couple nights in Cleveland, one in Indianapolis one in Nashville and one in Louisville. This week is Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Chicago then off to the Big Apple (but that is for fun!). The interviews are going really well but I'm starting to get tired of being "on" all the time. When I picked up my car today in Phoenix and started heading to the hotel room a migraine aura smacked me in the face. So I'm sitting in my room hiding from the headache. I think I may have foiled it with a couple aleve and a big cup of coffee. Unfortunately not a good combo for a girl with an ulcer, but at the moment I'll take a tummy ache over a migraine, so it's all good.

All the traveling has made me feel like an out of shape chubster. On the bright side, I'm injury free and running with no problems. Riding only when I'm in Cleveland and no swimming in over a month though. Things have to turn around soon if I want a successful 2009 racing season. I'm not worried though, since I should have tons of time to train soon.

I am also way behind on my Christmas shopping and my apartment will likely be condemned by the health department before too long. Traveling is a lot of fun, but it will be nice to spend more than 2 straight days in home sweet home!

Here are some pics from Vegas. My cousin and Dad both rocked the half marathon. I decided to sit it out because I didn't think it was worth aggravating the shin. I can run an hour with no pain, but just too afraid to push it right now. Hope everyone is doing well and excited for the holidays!