Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Camp wrap up

Back from camp today and I am exhausted! It was a great week with Lanny, Anita, Kathy and Jim. Lots of great workouts (220 miles of hard riding), great wine, great time with friends. We capped off hell week with my own favorite hell swim set:

500 warm up
10 x 50 with 10 situps in between each 50
200 easy
10 x 50 with 10 squat jumps between each one
200 easy
10 x 50 with 10 pushups between each one
200 easy

It is really fun. We told Anita all week that she had to bring an extra towel with her to hell-workout. I think she was quite intrigued. We had each other laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves during the situps. Then in the middle of the squat jumps, which look awfully hot in a speedo with a little extra love handles, Lanny informs me that behind the tinted windows immediately to our left is an exercise class that overlooks the pool. I hope they enjoyed the show.

Hard to thank Lanny and Anita (and Jim) enough for enduring every single workout with me and slowing down when I needed it. And Kathy for the overwhelming hospitality

But now I'm back in good ole Denver. It was nice to see the Mad-Dog and my friends at conference today. Trying to get into a good groove of training because my life is going to be pretty training-free from April 23-May 22. Hard to train when you work from 4am-6pm every day...

And my funny for the day

Monday, April 05, 2010

I'm in no shape for this...

I'm in Florida for my third annual training camp with my buddy Lanny (and his wonderful wife Kathy). I remember fondly the days when I could come here and hang with the riders here and Lanny and I could kick each others' butts in the pool. Those were the days when I wasn't fat, lazy and out of shape. However, it has been one fabulous week. Riding every single day, running and swimming on opposite days, all of which would have been so much better without bronchitis... but beggars can't be choosers.

The first day we went out with Naples Velo for their 24 hour mph ride. I was hanging on by the skin of my teeth with heart rates north of 190 when Lanny got a flat. I saw him drop back, but with the anoxic hit my brain was taking it took a good 2 minutes for me to figure out what just happened and turn around. I have never been so happy for a flat in my life. The flat happened near the turnaround for the ride. After we fixed it Lanny told me the horrible news: The pack would be back around to "pick us up" soon. Oh shit. And sure enough right when we turned at the light there were 25 testosterone charged pairs of quadriceps heading our way. So we got in line and prepared to be engulfed. And then I noticed something- "Lanny, your tool bag is open..." Within 30 seconds Lanny reached around to close his tool bag, knocked his multitool out of said bag, I ran over it and flatted my rear tire. Yet again, here I sat not exactly broken up not to have to grab onto the fast moving train with my dental floss level of fitness. 2 more guys stopped as they went by to help. With my flat now fixed we start riding home. With my naive brain I figured we would take it easy back to the cars. Oh no. Now that there was no pack to "limit" us to 24mph, why the hell not go back at 26? And that little story of my first workout pretty much sums up the whole week. Me redlining and going to bed at 8:30 so I can get my ass handed to me again in the morning.

I'm tired.

Oh, I am so, so tired.

And maybe it is this level of fatigue that has me thinking about maybe, just maybe signing up for IMWI 2011. But I do realize that it is a pipedream if for no other reason than me completely unable to get to Madison a year ahead of time to register. Grrrrr...

Anyway, other events of my most fabulous vacation week include bocce ball, kayaking, cooking, wine, and way more than my fair share of margaritas. Oh yeah, and there was that vodka night....

It is 8:41 and way, way past my bedtime. I was promised that tomorrow will be "hell day". And after the training is complete I'm getting a pedicure, damn it.

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter. (Code words for: I hope you all ate a ton of yummy chocolate)