Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Camp wrap up

Back from camp today and I am exhausted! It was a great week with Lanny, Anita, Kathy and Jim. Lots of great workouts (220 miles of hard riding), great wine, great time with friends. We capped off hell week with my own favorite hell swim set:

500 warm up
10 x 50 with 10 situps in between each 50
200 easy
10 x 50 with 10 squat jumps between each one
200 easy
10 x 50 with 10 pushups between each one
200 easy

It is really fun. We told Anita all week that she had to bring an extra towel with her to hell-workout. I think she was quite intrigued. We had each other laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves during the situps. Then in the middle of the squat jumps, which look awfully hot in a speedo with a little extra love handles, Lanny informs me that behind the tinted windows immediately to our left is an exercise class that overlooks the pool. I hope they enjoyed the show.

Hard to thank Lanny and Anita (and Jim) enough for enduring every single workout with me and slowing down when I needed it. And Kathy for the overwhelming hospitality

But now I'm back in good ole Denver. It was nice to see the Mad-Dog and my friends at conference today. Trying to get into a good groove of training because my life is going to be pretty training-free from April 23-May 22. Hard to train when you work from 4am-6pm every day...

And my funny for the day


Cyber Stalker said...

I think I have to eat a young person!

DaisyDuc said...

Funny how hell week sort of sounds like a blast! I love your funny! Hope you're well!

Rachel said...

Love the cartoon. Awesome training camp. Laughed about the "view" of you guys doing squat jumps. PS--I'm considering IMMoo for 2011 too!!!

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