Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Finally room to breath

After working 3 straight months of 80 hour weeks I am finally back home in the emergency department. We work 4-10 hour shifts (8am-6pm twice followed by 6pm-4am twice) and then have 2 days off. Life is good! I am rediscovering the joy of running with the help of the Mad-dog, and in turn I've been trying to introduce her to the fun of Colorado.

As you can see, she loves climbing:

Me too!

And can't get enough of hiking:

Speaking of Hiking, I got a hold of a new Timex Expedition WS4 watch last month (thanks to my teammate Roger Thompson for the help). I broke in this awesome toy with my favorite hike so far:

This is Spearhead Mountain. A big challenge at about 12 miles round trip and one hell of a steep climb, especially given the fact that you it's done without ropes or support. There are some dodgy sections for sure. But I always knew our exact altitude with the Expedition. So much fun!

Here's a pic of us (Deb, me and Anna) at the top with a great view of Long's Peak in the background!

I liked it so much I did the hike the next weekend with Roger and his son Willi. We didn't quite make the summit because we were caught in a bit of a snowstorm when we started climbing the steep part. But here are a couple pics of us at the top of Bierstadt on another ascent:

I had 5 layers on underneath that jacket. BRRRRRRR!!!

And Roger at the top:

Then my Dad was in town last weekend and we went to the Rockies/Brewers game

And then I tried to kill him by taking him from his home at sea level up to 13,000+ feet. We didn't quite make it to the top of Gray's peak because he got altitude sick, but we had some beautiful views nonetheless

And then we celebrated with some hot "Mexican Candy" out with my brother and his family for dinner. Notice the sweat on his head?

So things are good. Doing more running (just got back from 4-5 miles with the Mad Dog) and biking (mostly trainer) and trying to get back in the swing of life. Heading off Saturday on my first vacation of the year. Going to PANAMA! Can't wait!

Best of luck to my friends and teammates racing Kona. You guys rock!