Monday, November 10, 2008

The Sandbaggers rule the WORLD!

What a day in Clearwater! The ultimate sandbaggers, Lindsey and Lauren both destroyed the competition, winning their respective age groups (20-24 and 30-34). A great cap to a very successful season for both ladies and a fitting good-bye to age group competition as both of them turn pro next year. Here are some pics of the day:

The HTFU crew before the race

And with Lauren's husband, Matt, who is a total riot and became my partner in crime all day

Thanks so much to Andrew's sister for giving me my very first piece of Timex swag. It has become glued and firmly sealed to my head. Here I am posing with Lauren pre-race

And with Lindsey

We had a nice glamour shot session before Lindsey went off. This is one of my favorites shots

After the ladies went off we went to see the people coming in from the swim. I saw a boat coming into shore with a person in it and was afraid that someone was having a medical issue. But then the person towing the rope came into view and it was a very familiar face. Dick Hoyt was finishing the swim leg with son Rick in tow. These two are the reason I did my first triathlon and forever such an inspiration to me and thousands of others. Here is a great pic of a father's love:

Then it was Lauren coming out of the water

While waiting for Lindsey we saw the cutest set-up for a picture ever. Meet M-dog

And Purse emerges! (Lindsey's nickname since camp in March where she brought a purse to the pool)

Here Matt and I relocated to the hot corner. He owns a production company and carried around a HD camera all day. The movie he makes is going to be completely hilarious! We had an absolute blast out there. There was dancing, cheering and color commentary galore!

And here comes Lauren leading her age group and coming in before the draft packs. Her wave started early so she rode a clean race (which can't be said of many people who started in later waves)

And here comes the World's Fastest Handbag, finishing up her gatorade, also leading her age group

Lindsey SMOKED the run, with a end time of 1:27. Holy moly!

Here is one of my Cleveland peeps and teammate on my swim team, Jim. He and my other teammate Andrea are new parents and he took third in his age group. SMOKING FAST!

I had to be Paulo's stand-in, so when I saw Lauren making the turn to finish I said: "KEEP IT TOGETHER, LAUREN!!!!"

The Sandbaggers after the race, celebrating their victories

And all of my Cleveland peeps

Me with my ladies

And Lindsey after the race. This says it all

A HUGE congrats to the ladies and big thank you for allowing me to be part of your day. Few things in life make me happier than watching my friends succeed. You guys are my inspiration. Now Lauren, get that pro card and get the hell out of my age group! See ya in Oceanside!!!



MarkyV said...

HTFU is cool.

Matt is waaaay cool (met him in austin).

...and the sluts are... well... they're just way-past-fast!

I need and HTFU cap! :)

Oh... Erica!!!!!

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

Thank you SO much for supporting us on race day! I picked up the pace considerably each time I heard you and Matt cheer "PURSE!!!!" Seriously, you two are loud.

I think there's a pic OR VIDEO missing from this post of Lauren's wetsuit stripping. It resembles a Jane Fonda aerobics video.

see you in Cleveland in a few wks!

Lauren said...

I think Jodi gets the award for best supporter ever....even eclipsing my personal husbandsherpa matt! I don't know about that LONG wetsuit stripping video, although i might be able to market it as "10 minute abs with lauren." thanks again JODI!

Shannon said...

Came across your blog....clearwater one day.....a girl can dream. :)

Brad Braden said...

The Hoyts really are something.

great photos.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Looks like an awesome day of cheering. I saw the Hoyts in Boston once, gave me chills.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice photos! And I would have LOVED to see the Hoyts! That's awesome that they were there!

Congrats to your friends!!

DaisyDuc said...

Nice recap! Dang have you had quite a year of hitting the sweetest events!

Charisa said...

Nice photos. Lauren beat me at Alcatraz - she is awesome! Congrats to her as well - she will kick butt as a pro! :)