Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best Darn Century That Starts At My Doorstep

-I may have worn a camelback and consumed the entire thing including my 2 water bottles before we were able to stop

-It may just have required a mile on the interstate

-I will neither confirm nor deny eating enough food to feed a small army tonight

-But that was the best dang century I could come up with leaving my front door.

The general route is here The area between lookout mountain and Evergreen Parkway needs to be on I70 (mapmyride won't map it that way)

Got to about 8,382 feet of climbing when my garmin died here:

And some views from the summit:

If you live in Denver or visit with your bike it's a great ride! And ending downhill is a bonus....


Anonymous said...

11,031 ft?! That's the impressive bit. As for the downhill: yee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Nice area. How many months of the year is it bike-able? Vic.

Jodi said...

The downhill was awesome!!
This stretch is bike-able most of the year. There are houses up to the top so I'm not sure that the pass closes. But in reality it's too dang cold up there outside of May-September.
Mount Evans road (14,000+) is an offshoot of this ride and it has a definite limited season. I think it just opened late last month and will close around September. Last year I did the race up Mt Evans. 28 miles, 7,000 feet of climbing. Talk about light-headed! Switchbacks at 14,000 feet!

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