Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mentor Training Day

Went down to Mentor Headlands training day yesterday with my roommmate Matt (AKA supertramp). Most people from the club were cycling the full course, so I didn't talk to a whole lot of people. But the training was awesome. We did the first loop of the sprint cycling course very fast (for my slow legs). We kept a pace of 20-24 mph throughout the 12 miles. We were with a group of about 7 people. Matt and I went back out for a second round and kept it a little slower- 18-22mph. I'm getting very antsy to start upgrading my bike. When I bought it I didn't know how serious I was going to get about cycling, so I bought a bike with a very nice frame but very crappy components so that I could upgrade if I got serious. But now I am realizing how expensive that is! I'd like to upgrade the shifters (the Sora shifters that I have I can't up-shift without changing positions on the bike), the brakes (which really suck), and the wheels. The one thing that I can't wait another day for, though is new tires. I looked yesterday and they aren't just bald, the back tires are cracked in about a dozen places. So I'm off to the bike shop before our 50 mile ride today so that I don't get myself stuck on the road 30 miles out in Amish country.
Enough of that rant. After the ride we ran the running portion of the course once (11k I believe). I felt pretty good until the 5th mile and then my calf started tightening up. The real bummer, though, is that I think I might have a case of runner's knee. I noticed it after the Half, but it went away. But now I have a pain right on top of my kneecap again. I am going to have to figure out what to do about that. I know that I won't be happy with what people tell me I have to do (rest, NSAIDs, ice, rest). Hopefully cycling won't be a problem.

Here are a couple stupid pictures we took.

My roommate Matt showing me his guns, wearing a jersey he wishes he had never bought.

Me looking like a hillbilly showing off my truck.

That's it for now. I'm off to do some errands- return a way overdue library book, go to a bike shop for new tires, and the dreaded trip to Home Depot.


Papa Louie said...

Most of my knee problems were related to worn or wrong shoes. If you can try a different pair it may help.
You guys had a fast bike ride in mentor. Good training.

qcmier said...

Nice to finally meet you in person. That's a pretty fast ride you had there.

Hope your Sunday ride went well, besides the hand numbness.

Didn't Case recently have like an library fine amnesty day or something?

Uh, my inner hillybilly in me is sayin' that Hyundai ain't no truck!!! =)

Now that the weather is nice, hope to see you out there often.

DaisyDuc said...

Fun pics!! Training with Matt should really help you to be fast as he flies!

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