Friday, December 28, 2007

100 x 100

My 2 weeks off has been wonderful so far. I got some of the best gifts ever! I am so set for winter running, got a set of speakers for my ipod, some great work clothes, and the cutest new cycling jersey from my biker buddies Lanny and Kathy:

Training has been great. I've been able to structure my vacation around my workouts and I feel like it has done wonders for my fitness. Now the Christmas cookies.... not so much.

My birthday is coming up on Monday and to celebrate I'm doing something that I've wanted to do for a long time. The dreaded 100 x 100 swim set! (yes, I am one sick individual). I'm thinking of breaking it down like this:

Warm up- 2000 yards
10 x 100 free
5 x 100 pull
5 x 100 kick with fins

5 x 100 25 free 50 stroke 25 free
5 x 100 25 right arm/25 left arm/ 25 catch up/ 25 free
5 x 100 Fast/EZ by 25 (free)
5 x 100 kick (25 butterfly/ 25 upside down butterfly)*2 with fins
5 x 100 Free- Fast with flippers
5 x 100 IM (with or without flippers, with or without fly)

5-10 minute break for refueling

5 x 100 25 underwater-no breaths, 25 swim- breathe freely, 25 3 breaths, 25 breathe freely
5 x 100 stroke
5 x 100 build (start very slowly, build to 80-90%)
5 x 100 pull easy- focus on form
5 x 100 kick with fins
5 x 100 swim fast with fins
5 x 100 25 free/25 stroke x 2

Last 15 x 100 will be made up by all those that attend (might be a good sized group!). I'm thinking maybe some corkscrew races, follow the leader, team swimming. Anything to keep it fun and doable.

Wish me luck!

And here is a pic of New Year's in Wisconsin. A sight that would have terrified me before I got my brand new GoodYear Triple Tred Tires yesterday!


Wes said...

Happy Birthday, Jodi!

Ummm... Good luck :-)

Bob Almighty said...

Happy birthday....that set is insane...I haven't done crap like that since I was swimming D-1

E-Speed said...

yes you are one sick chica! Have fun and don't work too hard!

Jen_runs said...

100 x 100 ? OMG. That's impressive. And crazy - good luck !

And happy birthday for Monday too! Hope you have a great birthday, NYE & all the best for the new year !

Rainmaker said...

Happy Birthday!

Try not to have too much fun on that 100x100 set... ;)

That's pretty hardcore.

Donald said...

Are you kidding me? 100 x 100? That's too scary for me to even think about.

Paris said...

That workout doesn't have enough IM to make it epic... sorry ;-)

bbieberitz said...

compression socks?

Have fun on the 100x100. It sounds fun but maybe some other day for me. We got plans in Madison and I am re-habing a partial torn rotator cuff. It might set me back in training for Moo 08!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for always making your blog so fun for us to read. You are one wild chick to do a swim set like that!! Keep us posted!

triguyjt said...

wow---what a swim set..
may you have a great birthday.
if you have kids, will your first daughters name be "chlorine"?
enjoy the new year.

Karen said...

100 * 100s... OMG you are one crazy lady!!


Al said...

Happy Birthday!

100x100 Wowsers!! That's wild...I can't even comprehend that workout, you're a swimming goddess.

Charlie said...

Happy Birthday Jodi!

Have fun with that swim. You Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing 100x100 on Monday, too. :-) I've googled --- I think we are the only ones! Heheh.

I'm doing:

10 x 100
5 x 200
4 x 300
2 x 400
2 x 500
.. and then that, again, in reverse order. Timed, too. :-)

Good luck with yours!

Danny Montoya said...


Good luck with your swim!!!

IronMatron said...

Happy Birthday and good luck with that sick set! And here I was proud of my 12 x 125's set last week... Geez. You're a goddess! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

TriSonq said...

Happy Birthday JT!

Go Vols Beat the Badgers! sorry.

Bob Almighty said...

Well Happy Birthday a lttle late, Happy New Year and how did the 100x100 go?

B Bop said...

Happy birthday, happy new year, and much happiness for '08.

...and nice job on that 'lil swim set!!

Papa Louie said...

Nothing like doing the unthinkable for your birthday. Happy Birthday. Can't wait to hear how the 100's went.