Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lots of exciting news!

It's been a pretty good week here. Here are the updates:

1. The Ohio Sports and Fitness Keeper Edition just hit the shelves! It has all the triathlon, running, and road races (as well as other sports) for the summer listed. It's a great resource. And I'm on the cover! Here are some of the pics that were taken, including the cover pic:

2. In other news, I set my schedule through the end of June for school. That is a huge relief. I'm being a huge lazy butt and taking the whole month of March off. So I get to spend 2 full weeks in Las Cruces with the Smartass Crew (Paulo, Jonny, Will, Judy, and some new faces). Then I'm probably going to head over to Florida to do some riding with my Cleveland buddies, 4 of which own houses outside of Naples. Then if the stars align and I somehow manage to become the luckiest girl in the world, I'll spend a weekend at Timex camp. Yeah, I applied to the team this past fall. What the hell, right? Nothing to lose. They probably already picked the team, but a girl can dream!

3. School is going pretty well. We finally got our grades for the clinical block from July-November and I did well. Just 5 more weeks until the main clinical rotations are over. It went so fast! I can't even comprehend the fact that I will have to start applying for residency in 8 months. I need to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life! High on the list of things I still need to try are radiology (doing that in April) and Emergency Medicine (hoping to get into a rotation at our level 1 trauma center this summer).

Hope training is going well for everyone! I'm off to hit the treadmill again this afternoon. Damn Cleveland winters!


DaisyDuc said...

Holy smokes I am jelous of your March!!!

I just picked up a copy of the look great!!! I train with a celebrity!

Charlie said...

I saw the magazine this morning after the Oberlin work out. Congrats. Maybe you should re submit that letter to Cervelo.

Danny Montoya said...

Awesome pics!!! You look great!! Can't wait to see ya ;-)

Bob Almighty said...

Hey Team Timex is worth a shot....hey I sent an app to Zoot/Gu and now I'm a member of their team. Grnated the age grouper squad but I get discounts on stuff, and a year's supply of nutritional items.

Judy said...

You are a model now!! Looking good and stylin'!! Can't wait to see everyone in LC - just booked my tickets.

triguyjt said...

congrats on the magazine.

look great on the cover

RyanD said...

Your blog/site is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself and your goals.