Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Playlist

I tried to make myself a CD for my car the other day. Something funky happened with the burning and when I listen to the CD it sounds like I am listening to the radio in a town I am driving away from. Every track is more and more crackly until you get to about track 11 when all is lost. Anyway, thought I would share my current favorite mellow music mix:

1. Almost Lover.... Artist: A Fine Frenzy

2. Quiet Town.... Artist: Josh Rouse

3. Le vent nous portera.... By: Noir Desir

4. Summertime.... By: Josh Rouse (Couldn't find the whole song)

5. Relief.... By: Chris Garneau

6. The Way I am.... By: Ingrid Michaelson

7. Breakdown.... By: Jack Johnson

8. Wake Me Up.... By: Norah Jones

9. Thank You.... By: Dido

10. Say Yes.... By: Elliott Smith

11. 1972....By: Josh Rouse Really bad video quality

12. Through the Dark....By K.T. Tunstall

13. I see you, You see me...By: The Magic Numbers

14. Northern Sky....By: Nick Drake

15. What am I to you?....By: Norah Jones

16. Hey Girl...By: OAR

17. New Slang....By: The Shins

18. True Love Waits....By: Radiohead

19. No Name #3....By: Elliott Smith Another bad video quality. Great song though

In other news... Taper is a beautiful thing. T-6 days and counting....


khai said...

What does it say about me (or perhaps you) that I only recognize four of the artists on that playlist?

Bullet said...

Rouse's whole 1972 album is great. I nearly ruined it for myself though by making it the cd that I woke up to. I get mad now every time I hear certain songs. Ingrid is great too. I was lucky enough to hear her a couple of weeks ago for the first time. She opened for Josh Ritter who you might like. Great list.

Anonymous said...

that crackling you describe is odd. i've had static sounds show up when ripping from cd to mP3, usually when the cpu is taxed from other processes...try burning again with no other applications running. just a thought.

triguyjt said...

Norah Jones..all the time..

love her singing

Paris said...

You really should get a Mac!

Karen said...

OMG! You're doing WHAT in a few days!! I thought my half in a few weeks sounded bad... ;o) GOOD LUCK!!!

Train-This said...

Good luck at the Triple T! I see you are coming to the mussel! We will be so glad to have you!

:-) mary

Anonymous said...