Saturday, May 24, 2008

Race report (For Khai)

I swam

I was the 337th person in the water, about 1011 seconds after the first man. It was cold. Real cold. And I'm pretty sure it was uphill

I Biked

It was uphill. Then downhill. Then uphill. Then Downhill. My new 12/27 kicked ass. I had a dismount that even Paulo would be proud of.


It was uphill. Then downhill. I ran as fast as I could.

We ate

We drank

We slept

And now we're up for about 71 miles of fun today!


khai said...

So it was a TT style swim start? Interesting... Sounds like a great kickoff though.

I'm mostly impressed that Maddie can drink from a water bottle...

Wes said...

LOL! God I'm glad I'm to old for that kind stuff. You are killing me just reading about it ;-)

Paris said...

Man, that 12x27 is one small gear...