Friday, April 10, 2009

Lots to talk about...

Where do I start?

Timex camp!


- Watched presentations from our most amazing sponsors (Timex, Trek, Bontrager, Trigger Point, Gaiam, Nathan, PowerBar, Power Breathe, ARX and Aquasphere

- Did 36 pushups on a balance ball at the first ever Team Timex pushup contest, sponsored by Gaiam

- Watched Will - "Hey Guys Watch This - Kelsay perform hilarious antics all weekend as himself and as his alter ego, captain obvious. Here he is teaching Rachel the ins and outs of being a super hero:

- Had the pleasure of driving about 10 members of the team to dinner the last night while taking directions from Bruce who was sitting the farthest from the driver's seat. An hour. 5 U-turns and several very hungry and cranky triathletes later we arrived at the restaurant. Learned that Margaritas actually DO cure everything! :-)

- Met 40 members of the team who are all just jaw droppingly talented, unbelievably fun, and all around super cool people. Profiles should be up soon on the Timex Blog.

In other news, I read a very motivating article in the May's edition of Bicycling magazine by a nutritionist to many pro cyclists. If you get a chance, take a read. It's on page 50 and my efforts to clean up my diet will pretty much follow that scheme.

And lastly, a little whine for the day. I got up at 4:30 to go to masters this morning. I got there early and waited. And Waited. Apparently the pump in the big pool broke and masters was canceled. If only I was on that dang mailing list! I've only been swimming with them for 4 years now... Anywhoo, the lifeguards were very nice and let me swim in the "small pool". It's a 6 lane 25 yard pool off to the side of the big pool. I hate making up my own workouts, which is why masters is so nice for me. So I ended up with this:

Warm up
400 swim
400 pull buoy
400 paddles (no pull buoy)
400 kick

Main sets
4 x (10 x 50) on :55, every other one HARD
First Set- swim
Second Set- Pull Buoy
Third Set- Paddles (no pull buoy)
fourth set- Kick
(extra 15 seconds between sets)

4 x 150 (100 stroke, 50 free)
4 x 50 under / over (25 underwater no breaths, 25 breastroke)
100 cool down

Total 4500. Boring! But at least I still got a workout in.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I'm going to sit outside in the 40 degree rain at the Indians Home Opener. Hope they can pull off a win for us!


Wes said...

That's a great "on the fly" swim set, Muffin Top :-)

Maggs said...

I just read that same article.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Sounds like a very cool camp. At least you were able to get your swim workout in, even if it was 'boring.' ;-)

Have a great Easter!

ADC said...

Glad to hear that camp was fun. Am off to get this months' Bicycling

erichollins said...

Good lord, who is the girl on the right in the first pic? She's gorgeous?