Friday, April 03, 2009

There goes that "Bad Weather" excuse...

Apr 4 Tomorrow
Sunny skies. High 67F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

Sounds like a most perfect day for racing!

I picked up my awesome transition bag from the Timex truck last night and it was filled with the most excellent goodies!

Timex Race Trainer Kit and 2 watches

Sunglasses and helmet from Rudy Project

More hydration equipment than a girl could ever use (thanks to Nathan)

And SO many clothes from Sugoi

(in total, 2 trisuits, 2 two-piece tri outfits, cycling shorts and shirt, cycling jacket, sweater, arm warmers, leg warmers, t-shirt, and sleeveless t-shirt. All ORANGE!

(If I didn't feel so fat I'd model them)

They even sent 2 pairs of Timex Yankz!

So tomorrow I'll be sporting some great new clothes (going with the one-piece trisuit and arm warmers, hopefully I won't be spotted by the fashion police) and hopefully the full kit will make me FLY through those 70.3 miles.

Today is super busy. Need to get in a ride, and OW swim, get the bike ready for tomorrow, pack everything up, pick up teammates Lindsey and Bruce from the airport and enjoy a nice dinner with the posse. Then a very early wake-up call!


DaisyDuc said...

Love the stuff! You go rock that course now girl!

Wes said...

have a great race, Jodi! Let's see that smile!!


ADC said...

Good luck Jodi, you will rock out there.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Wow! You are the gear goddess. Good luck! I hope the weather holds for you and you have a great race.

Bob Almighty said...

Remind me to put in my app next year..... Good luck at Oceanside...with weather like that you are going to fly.

Cyber Stalker said...

Ride as though you stole a midgets bicycle! Laughing all the way!

Shannon said...

Have Fun & Good Luck!

Bob Almighty said...

Awesome Race!
Can't wait for the report!

triguyjt said...

great goodies jodi!!!

enjoy the team atmosphere...

look forward to a little race report!!

Charlie said...

Nice work out there. Congrats on a great opener