Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, another blog. Wanna know why?


It's crazy out there, people! When I shoveled last night I removed 12 inches, and let's just say it hasn't stopped snowing since then.

So.... No swimming today. Cross training activity of the day....


Well, that's probably for the best, since I've hit yet another training setback. My shoe was, for some reason, tight on the top of my foot during my 2 hour run on Sunday, and now I have a nasty case of inflammation in the tendon. Can't run until that stops. Ice, Ice, Ice! Hopefully I'll be back by Sunday. Looks like I need new shoes.

Bike update: I haven't really gone into detail on this. Well I originally ordered a replacement Dual. Cervelo was having SERIOUS supply issues... got the runaround for a month, then I found out that I could go with a P2Sl for nearly the same price and they had a couple 48cm framesets available. Yay! So one was sent last week. I waited with bated breath. It was supposed to be in on Saturday. No luck. Not Sunday. On Monday I got an email from the bike store.

Bike Arrived


UPS DESTROYED it. I believe the exact words were "it looked like they drove a forklift through it"

Welcome to my life, people.

Valentine Update

To anonymous who left a comment on my blog yesterday: I commend your bravery for leaving a snotty anonymous comment on my blog:

"That's a great gift but may I ask a question? Does a guy have to buy something in order to show a girl that he likes her? I mean seriously, would you still think he likes you even if he just got you a card with some kind words written in it for Valentine's Day."

First of all... this gave me a laugh because it reminded me of my very favorite movie growing up. Have you guys seen "Better off Dead"? It was one of the classic early John Cusack films. It's hilarious! Cusack's character is competing with this snooty rich guy for a girl's attention. For Valentine's Day he buys her a little teddy bear. He calls her in the morning to hear her describe her gift from the other guy. The camera is on him as he repeats her thoughts... "A Teddy Bear... bigger than you..."

well, if you've never seen it, go get it. It's great!

Ok back to my point. No, it's not the size of the gift that matters, it's the thought. Really. The gift was something that was very well thought of and sweet. My 128 MB Mp3 player was on its last legs, didn't hold enough music to get through my workouts, and I lost the transfer cable. And yes, I would have been equally impressed with a nice card with words on it, thank you very much. I am the LAST person you would call materialistic. Plus... I didn't say who it was from. For all you know, it was from my Dad.

And I DID get a Valentine yesterday from my Mom

The mom saga

She had warned me that she sent a package. When I got home yesterday I was really frustrated because I had to cut my run really short because of my foot issue. The 2 packages on my porch really lifted my spirits. The first was the iPod (yay!). In the second (from Mom): M&Ms, Gummi Bears, Cliff Bars, Dark Chocolate Kisses, lolipops, a very cute shirt, and a card with a $25 iTunes gift card. I immediately ripped open the M&Ms (Those that know me, should be aware that peanut M&Ms are my one true food vice. If I don't want to eat the entire package, I have to give roommmie Matt my candy to take to his room). Then with the gift certificate I bought the most Amazing CD: Norah Jones- Not Too Late. It's wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend it. So I gave my Mom a call...

Saga begins:

My mom is not feeling well.

What's wrong Mom?

I have the worst fever and shaking chills

So after 10 minutes of history taking, I find out that my Mom, WHO WORKS IN THE HEALTH FIELD, started having urinary symptoms 5 DAYS AGO. And yesterday she spikes a fever of 102.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Don't mess with bacterial infections.

Very few things in this world can kill you faster than bacteria in your blood. Urinary tract infections are easy to treat. Kidney infections are harder to treat. Blood stream infections are deadly. One can lead to the other, can lead to the other.

So after 2 hours, I finally convinced her to drive herself to the ER. I told her she needed antibiotics anyway, so rather than having a doctor that hasn't seen her call in a script, she might as well just go in. I knew that she needed IV antibiotics and fluid anyway, and in the off chance that she is septic (bloodstream infection) she will need to be admitted. So thankfully she went in, was diagnosed with, I think, Pyelonephritis, given IV antibiotics and fluid, and I think allowed to go home last night. I'll let ya know how she is today.

But I thought I'd add this little PSA for the women out there (and cycling can increase the prevalence of UTIs). If you get frequency or burning with urination- Do NOT take the "wait and see" approach. Go to the doctor as soon as you have symptoms. UTIs can get bad fast. If not developing into full blown pyelonephritis, they can develop into very painful and debilitating infections in a matter of hours. So don't wait. Please!

Rant off!

Have a great day out there. If you're in the midwest, I hope that you didn't have to go to work today. Enjoy the snow!


TJ said...

sorry about your bike. hopefully a replacement will soon be on it's way. hope your mom gets well soon.

DaisyDuc said...

Happy Valentines Day to you!!!! What sweet gestures you rec'vd! I am so addicted to my Ipod it is were really due for a new one. CONGRATS!!!

teacherwoman said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jodi! Thanks for the advice on the bike! I will remember that when I go tonight and will let y'all know the results!

E-Speed said...

Happy V Day. Glad you are feeling better, sorry your foot is down now. And huge bummer on the bike. Can't a girl get a break?

David's mom sent us a check with the instructions to use it for a movie date. Aren't parents the best?

I am snowed in too today. Too bad I brought work home with me :(

TriSonq said...

Merci Buttons! (from Better Off Dead)
Awesome present! Very thoughtful gift just for a Wednesday (I refuse to even acknowledge the day ;) ). Looks like someone is having a good V-Day.

Like I said before, people in the health industry make the worst patients. Stubborn parents!

Your training has got to be a little frustrating. It's like it's in a stop & go mode. Way to stick with it though.

That SUCKS about your bike. What happens now?

All I want is one snow day down here! Take care of yourself & your foot. Happy You-Know-What Day.

TriSaraTops said...

OMG! What is with your bike luck, lately?!?! I'm sure that all of your patience here will reward you...sending good bike karma your way! :)

Sorry to hear about the foot-just stick it in a snow drift! That'll do the trick!

I have ANOTHER SNOW DAY! Yay! Some dude was cross country skiing DOWN MY STREET yesterday! Gotta love it!

JenC said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm off of work today too. It has been years since I've had a snow day ...pretty cool - I did go swim at the Y with Matt though. Hope to see you soon!

Wes said...

I luv anonymous. He's like a never ending source of surprises. Glad his comments are meaningless :-) Those idjots over at UPS seem to be getting better and better at destroying packages these days. Stay warm and safe and enjoy your day. Healthy thoughts for mom...

gary said...

The news about your bike is really unbelieveable..... not only about UPS messing things up (royaly) but this is another little hint that never getting a Cervelo is a good choice! (Although they always look nice and everyone like how they ride...?)

JeffM said...

So the bike company should send you an upgrade- priority mail!
Happy Valentines- cool present.

Charlie said...

No snow day me for except for the pool.
Very sureal scene outside.
I think some of these setbacks and letdowns that we have are built in lessons in patients and help us to emotionally overcome obstacals later on when it counts.
You will should be well equiped.

Martin Luther said "Music was Gods second greatist gift after his son."
Nothing wrong with appriciating a great gift.

Kevin said...

Been reading you for a while after finding your link on Slowtwitch.

Sorry to hear about the bike - that really sucks! At least it didn't show up at your door that way so you had to witness the carnage!

And unlike most of your other readers, I'm sorry to hear that you've given up on the veganism! As someone who has been vegan and a competitive athlete for over a decade, I've found that 99.9% of doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians don't have a clue what they are talking about when dealing with vegan or veggie diets in athletes. So take what they tell you with a grain of salt - although smart, nearly all are incredibly ignorant in this area!

Steve said...

Cross-training day gone WRONG! I should take a picture of my house nad driveway for my blog.... My drive is about 200 feet long with a turn around in back... my back is KILLING me... plow guy was very busy and didn't have a chance to get to me till 11:30 on the 13th and not at all on the 14th.... so guess who got to remove the snow.... several times... drifts up to my mid thigh.

I hope everyone got to stay in yesterday... puts a real damper on the spinning in the basement when you are already dead tired. That whole motivation thing while the TV's on isn't the real problem it's the eyes closing from the 2 hours of cardio you just did with the white stuff.

Hope all's well with you. I wish my sweetie had gotten my a nano for valentines day.... even a shuffle... the only music I get is what's bouncing around my head all day long.... for instance while I swim.....

"mamma's little baby like's shortnin shortnin, mama's little baby likes shortnin bread..." etc... WHY????? IT's easy to speed up and slow down to keep your pace going... you know you need to make up a twenty seconds in that next thousand... well... speed the song up.

Latter kiddo. I hope you're mom's doing better. If she's like you she'll bounce back.

Till later

Lance Notstrong said...

My mouth starts watering every time I hear or read the word "Cervelo"!!! You must post pics when you get it!!!

qcmier said...

Hope both you and mum are feeling better. Love the Baricelli Inn. And if you would like a proofreader for your thesis, feel free to send it my way.