Sunday, February 25, 2007

Okay, a couple more random thoughts

1. Anonymous strikes again! And the message is so true and deserves mentioning.

"You have a charmed life compared to others"

Absolutely. I think this is sometimes a fact that we lose sight of. It's easy to get wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of our own lives. Things don't go our way and we think we are SO unlucky, things are SO terrible, how will we EVER get through this, woe is me. What we fail to do sometimes is step back and take an honest look at our lives. Colleen has been on inpatient pediatrics for the past few weeks. She has been working with the sickest kids in the hospital. It's just absolutely heartbreaking to hear the stories. Kids that will never get a chance at adult life. The parents whose hearts are breaking as they see their children in pain. It just makes you really realize how good you have it. I have been so fortunate in my life. I have a wonderful family, great friends, a warm house, good health, and a phenomenal education. I'm not saying that people who lived charmed lives shouldn't ever complain. Everyone needs to vent. At my house, my roommates and I use our bitching for humor and comic relief. But we all need to realize that our complaints are truly minor, and to appreciate the lives we lead.

2. Transdermal NSAIDS

I had a slight injury to my foot recently. It was just a case of tenosynovitis of the extensor tendon of my toe. I knew this wasn't a season ending injury or anything, but it was very painful and getting worse with each run I did. I laid off it for a week, but when I ran the pain came back. Because I recently had erosive gastritis caused by NSAID use during a long run, I can't take NSAIDs by mouth anymore. So I was stuck with ice, and icy hot (which brought back great memories of HS swimming!)

Anywho, Jonathan recommended a topical anti-inflammatory, but my local hippie pharmacy didn't have it. But the cool pharmacist, who seemed to know more than I ever would have expected about sports injury, recommended I get a prescription for flurbiprofin/ketoprofin, a long lasting trans-dermal anti-inflammatory gel that they made. Thankfully, I work with a bunch of docs who could call it in for me.

Well, it's expensive- $48/30 grams, but it is worth every penny. Within a day my tendon was finally slipping through it's sheath comfortably (before, I could feel it creaking as the inflammation was preventing proper tracking). Now the swelling is almost gone. The pharmacist also showed me a bunch of places to check on my foot and knees for running pain that might be able to use a little treatment (thankfully I don't have pain in any of those places).

Because of my experience with oral NSAIDs, I highly recommend people out there consider transdermal agents for joint and muscle inflammation. My Dad recently talked to a gastroenterologist who said that ulcers and erosive gastritis are extremely common in endurance athletes who take NSAIDs. So if you can, save your stomachs!

3. Join our Triathlon network!

See the link on the sidebar I have for the Triathlon feedburner network? We're trying to get a larger network together of triathletes. If you're interested in your blog being added to our little circle, just email Gary for more details: garyditsch at gmail dot com


erichollins said...

Ah, the brave and wise anonymous who is posting advice that is so profound that he doesn't even need to put his name on it.

I'm glad to see that you are doing better lately. It sucks to get in a funk and I know first hand how bad they can get. Also, I tell myself "Suck it up, Princess!" all the time.

Wes said...

I luv anonymous. I think he's really King Solomon in disguise! You know, you gotta be a good example for us newbie swimmers :-) Especially since you made me get in the pool in January of all months. LOL. Nice recovery on the transdermal inflammatories. As I said, you are sone smart gal...

JeffM said...

Great advice on the transdermal med, have to check with Kaiser and see if I can get some for my foot.
Good answer to anonymous btw.

jbmmommy said...

I understand everyone could have it worse, but that doesn't mean your complaints aren't valid just because someone else is dealing with tougher things.

To say you have a charmed life almost makes it sound as if you didn't work hard to get where you are and enjoy what you have. It's good to have perspective, but you can still have rough days and a right to complain.

gary said...

Jodi - I agree that most everyone in the US has a quality of life that is above other areas of the world. But as the other poster mentioned, it doesn't mean your emotions are invalid... I guess the trick is making sure we don't become so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget to help, love and serve others. As a soon to be Dr. I hope that is at the center of your motives anyway.

A great bit of study is by a professor at U of Chicago, Ed Diener. I saw a talk he did once and have read some of his stuff... great ideas on "what you have" vs. "how happy you are."

The NSAID info is interesting. I am not sure I've seen/heard anyone ever use them..

Thanks for mentioning the Network. I just realized that I haven't posted the badge on my blog yet (it is on my site.)

Duane said...

Damn, I was just bithcing about my condition and now I have to pull back and say I'm not so bad off. Thanks for the info on the transdermals.

Mallie said...

Jodi, do you mind telling me what the non-presciption topical anto-inflammatory is? I have a nasty hot spot and I'd like to try the topical treatment instead of downing ibuprofen orally every 4 hours on long rides.

bbieberitz said...

I am sisk of taking the NSAID 's the old fashioned way. I will be asking for the topical stuff next visit to the doc. Thanks for the tip!