Saturday, February 10, 2007

Checking in

No, I haven't died! I had high hopes to write a nice blog yesterday, but then I did my brick. And I became a couch loser for the rest of the day. So before my 2 hour run and 1 hour swim turn me into a zombie today, I thought I should make a quick post!

Lots to say, so I'll break it down so you can skip over the boring parts ;-)


So I had my endoscopy last week. First of all, Versed is an amazing wonder of modern medicine. I felt wonderful for about 2 hours after the procedure. I think I may have said some really stupid stuff to my roommate, though, but I don't think I want to know...

The diagnosis was erosive gastritis. It is only in the stomach, so that's a good thing. So now I'm taking a proton pump inhibitor, and a ton of iron. I'm on the accelerated track to get my blood counts back up ASAP because....

I'm going to a training camp!

On March 9th I leave to get my royal booty kicked by Paulo Sousa along with Jonathan Caron , Sergio Marques , Zach Ruble, and my wonderful camp roommate Judy . I have promised Judy that I will work my butt off this month so that I can keep up with her on our bike rides. So I have been pushing my trainer rides lately trying to get my strength back. It will help when I get my...

New Bike

My brand new Cervelo P2SL arrives soon. It's on a UPS truck currently. I already have a name for it. I will introduce you all to Mike Honcho as soon as he arrives. He is really going to distract me from

Writing my thesis

Yes, it is started and I have my final committee meeting tomorrow to set the big date! I have pushed back my goal because of the training camp, so I'm thinking mid-late April now for a defense. I'll keep ya'll posted. I've been getting a lot of motivation from my

Weekend Visitor

He is the one that made me start the damn thesis. I have been putting it off for some reason. Such a lack of motivation. He encouraged me to just get the template and start writing the Table of Contents, and it was amazing- It just started flowing from there! It's great. I have a lot of work to do tonight and my blogging has been suffering because of it, but hopefully you will all forgive me! I also went on the nicest date last weekend. My boss always gives me a $100 gift certificate to the Baricelli Inn , Cleveland's nicest restaurant. It was fabulous as always, and it's a good time to admit that I have

Fallen off the Vegan Bandwagon

I had the free range chicken at dinner at it was "WoW". My docs have encouraged me to add some meat back into my diet, so I've had a bit of chicken the past 2 weeks. I had forgotten how much I love it. Don't hate me, vegan bloggers.

Ok, I have to get ready for my run. A fabulous 2 hour run on the treadmill at school. They don't even have TVs in there. And to make things worse, I have lost the cable for my dinky little 128MB Mp3 player, so I've been listening to the same songs over and over for weeks. It's just wrong. So wish me luck that I don't die of boredom. I would do it outside, but I'm still not quite comfortable with my stomach and I don't want to be 6 miles from my car in case it decides to spring a big old blood leak again. So running on the hamster wheel it is!


erichollins said...

Hey, it's great that everything is going well for you. You'll like the anodized finish on your new bike. It's much easier to take care of and it chips less.

teacherwoman said...

Wow, 2 hours on the thrillmill with no TV and the same old songs?!?! I am impressed! Nice to hear that everything is going well! Take care of yourself, hun!

Charlie said...

Welcome back to healthville.
Do what you have to do. Eat Chcken.
The free range is good for ya.
If you are what you eat, than you definatly want a chicken that spent it's days running round.
Not a sedatary cage chicken.

Cool bike. Hooray

Wes said...

Hey! That's not a picture of a bike! LOL. I think he needs more parts before we call it a bike. I'm so happy for you!! I know you will have a few exciting blog posts for us once he is all decked out and ready to go. Pictures and naming party coming forthwith?

I can empathise with you on that erosive stuff. Yuck! Hopefully yours is temporary like mine.

Welcome back to the world of meat! Woo hoo! If man wasn't supposed to eat meat, then we wouldn't be able to digest it. Work hard on that thesis! You'll be brilliant!

Neese said...

not only will it hurt like heck how would you go anywhere on that bike!? lol, just kidding. loved this blog entry! thanks for the updates!

Curly Su said...

congrats on the new bike...that was the one I wanted!!!

training camp sounds awesome. have a blast.

Francois said...

Glad to read you again on Buckeye. But most of all, glad to see you've been able to resume your training. 3 hours on your bike trainer yesterday! WOW! Wouldn't be able to do that without my Tacx Fortius (

I am also going to a training camp but in Orlando early April.

And by the way, Jonathan Caron is originally from Buckingham, Qc, 30 minutes where I live.

Good to see you back Jodi! All the best!


smartasscoach said...

I'm sure that date was WONDERFUL!

JenC said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sounds like you are going to a Slowtwitch all-stars training camp. I look forward to hearing all about it!

TriSonq said...

Glad to hear you still exist. Lots going on in your life. Busy girl! Welcome back to the meaty side of life.

TriSaraTops said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Meat.

I just had me a nice juicy steak on Matt's b-day Saturday! :)

Glad you're feeling better! Hope to see you Friday!

JeffM said...

Glad you're better! That's cool about the training camp- look forward to hearing about that.

Steve said...

Thanks for the catch on my overstated workout. I apparently was still in the water in my head. I need to check your blog even when I'm working out of town... that sounds like it sucked.. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Now you're definitely saying in your head "shut up steve about your stupid arm, or whatever you hurt this week while you WEREN'T in the pool" I hope you are back to full speed soon. See you tomorrow! (not going out of town today so I'll be there)

; - }