Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NSAIDs- The bloody truth

Ok, slight training setback for me.

My bike has aggravated my calf a little bit. So after my brick on Saturday, I took 2 Aleve. Aleve has NEVER bothered my stomach before. But keep in mind- I'm "cleansing". So I haven't been eating a whole lot, and nothing during exercise.


I woke up Sunday with a horrible stomach ache and nausea

So what did genius me, who happens to be in med-school do?

I took 2 more Aleve's before my 2 hour run.

I did my run on the treadmill and things were going ok until I hit the 90 minute mark. Then I started feeling bad. Dizzy. Nauseaus. I finished my workout and stumbled home. Took a shower. Collapsed into bed and was out cold for 30 minutes.

Then a wise friend called and ordered me downstairs to eat something. I felt like throwing up, but I still choked down some salmon and broccoli.

Fast forward to my swim workout the next morning. In a word- it SUCKED. I usually lead the lane in swim sets (L leads in pull sets). Monday we were doing 300's and I was a full length behind L at the end. When I got to 3200 yards I gave up, did breastroke and got out at 3500. I have NEVER cut a swim workout short before.

Then I figured out why. I won't belabor you with details, but you can read for yourself here

I went to the doc this morning to confirm my self diagnosis. So now I'm sitting on my couch with a bp of 90/50, hematocrit of 35% and hemoglobin of 11gm/dl (I know, more numbers!) waiting for the hospital to call so I can schedule my endoscopy

Oh joy

So be careful out there with NSAIDs. Don't take them on an empty stomach, don't take them right before you're going to be running for hours (the reduced blood flow will keep the drugs where they shouldn't be for too long).

I'm going to continue being a slacker on my couch for awhile because every time I stand up I feel like I'm gonna pass out.

No worries- I'll be fine. Just have to miss my first training session in 4 months!

Damn it

And I have a guest coming in this weekend. Well, on the bright side, I just entered a recovery week



E-Speed said...

Sorry you got sick. It's strange because I took one ibuprofen before my race Saturday, and two during the course of the race, then one a couple hours after. Not because anything hurt, but because I wanted to prevent inflammation. I must say I wonder if that is why my legs didn't hurt at all the next day.

I didn't have any stomach trouble though.

I will be more careful next time though! Just reading the first link made me want to vomit.

gary said...

I've had the endoscopy before. Didn't like it but wasn't the worst thing that I can imagine.

I hope this will pass and your health will be quick to come back. I know how frustrating it can be sitting on the sidelines thinking about your fitness, when you health is not cooperating.

Ellie80 said...

oh no! take care and hope the endoscopy goes ok :)


Charlie said...

Be careful of your self. Take advantage of the rest.

qcmier said...

Aww, sorry to hear. I'm hoping the endoscopy goes all right. Deep breaths. Well maybe you can make a good dent in the thesis. Take care.

TriSaraTops said...

OMG! I am so sorry to hear this. Very scary. Rest up and don't worry--the pool and the roads will be there when you're better! :)

B Bop said...

whoa!! sorry to hear about your troubles, but very glad to hear it's nothing serious. ever try arnica or bromelain??

JeffM said...

Yikes, that's a scary link, hope you're ok. 3500 is pretty good even healthy let alone sick.

Kate said...

Yuck! Feel better soon and try to enjoy the rest.

And remember that your short swim is my long one!

Duane said...

Sorry to hear about that, get well SOON!

Matt said...

What!You did 3500 of breast stroke???

J/K - Get better soon.

DaisyDuc said...

Rest up lady...you deserve it!

TriSonq said...

Don't doctor make the worst patients? My parents and a close friend are doctors and they are the worst when they are ailing. They never take their own advice.

Now, I'm not kicking you when your down, I just want to make sure you take care of yourself. Take advantage of the rest and come back fully recovered.

First recoverry week in 4 months?!? I'd say you're due for one!

Keep it easy JT.

Wes said...

Yay! Way to find the bright side in everything :-) Hope the diagnosis is OK and you are back to your athletic self soon!

Anonymous said...

oh. your blog is very good.
please check your mail.

Noel said...

Dear Jodi,

don't kick yourself for doing what you did and still go out and train. Sure it wasn't the brightest idea, but it's only a mistake if you don't learn from it.
My tri coach told me looong ago; "Listen to your body"Don't just go train all the time. Listen to what your body is saying. Why don't you want to train, are tired? are you sick? you don't feel like it? If you're sick then don't train if you don't want to train.. convince yourself to go for at least 30min and then decide. Chances are, if you did 30min, you'll probably end up doing the entire scheduled training.
Right now rest is what you need, no sense in training if you're not recuperated 100% ( be it a diffent training, illness or injury)
Now you can catch up on your reading ( and blogging)
Take care!

( P.S. if I catch you training, I'll give you something to cry about!!!!)

TriBoomer said...

Rest up and get to feeling better soon.

Stay tuned...

smartasscoach said...

Hey Judy, I've been missing your posts here! Hope everything is well!


Aleks said...

Of course I'm way behind on blogs and I find out you're sick... and haven't posted since last week! Hope you're feeling better, and that it's school work that is keeping you from blogging!

Charlie said...

Jodi, I am seeing miles added to the USAT site. I hope this means you are feeling better.
Are you ready to bowl? Hope to see you thursday.

Ken Schulz said...

Get well soon! On the bright side it's still early in the season. You'll be back soon enough!