Sunday, January 21, 2007

Random Thoughts Sunday

1. I've been having a lot of nightmares lately. The one this morning was quite vivid. I was in Hawaii getting ready to fly back home. I was looking for my bags- it was a very Ironman-esque set-up with numbered bags everywhere. I couldn't seem to find mine. Then the room was getting a little bit dark. The TV was on and there was an announcement that there had been a pre-volvanic tremor. I looked out the window and in the distance there was a volcano. It was smoking a little bit. But then...


The top blew off of it and lava went shooting into the sky. It was very powerful. Then I looked outside and there were sunbathers running everywhere and getting hit wih pieces of falling lava. We all knew we were going to die but we were just standing there in the room, silent, and watching the TV announcers excitedly talk about how amazing the eruption was.

2. About the Cleanse... You really don't have to worry about me. I actually have a very decent handle on nutrition. A biochemistry BS, Pharmacology PhD, and med school have taught me a lot about nutrition. More because it is kind of a passion of mine. I regularly read nutrition journals and have been to an international conference. I'm not starving myself, I promise! I would never have agreed to do it if I thought it was dangerous. The only major differences from my normal diet will be: No peanut butter (gasp!), no Cliff bars, no sugar, and a lot more fruits, veggies, and fish. I'll be eating 4 times a day and my caloric intake won't be more than 500 calories less than I'm eating currently. No worries! The increased water will be a good thing. I generally run a pretty steady state of dehydration. I do have my own views that excess water daily is completely unnecessary, but I want to practice drinking when I'm not thirsty for Ironman. You can't wait until you are thirsty to drink in an endurance event. Why now? I don't want to run a caloric deficit when I'm in high volume training close to my races. Why at all? I have knee problems. The less I weigh, the better they are. My long runs are already up to 2 hours and I can really feel the impact already. I have been thinner in the past, and I know the maximimum weight I can be and be pain free running. Damn these wide hips!

3. Tomorrow is the day when I cut off all distractions and start to write my thesis. My committee meeting keeps getting postponed so my thesis defense date keeps not being set. It would really help me focus if I had a date. I'm great with deadlines! Not so great without them. So to celebrate my last day of freedom, I'm about to lace up my big clunky snow boots, pack Maddie in the car and head out to the park. Then when I get home I have to head to the towpath for my 2 hour run, and then it's off to water polo for a 2 hour smackdown. Should be a good day!


TriSonq said...

Ahhh. I believe the volcano in your dream represents the anticipation and anxiety you are having about your thesis defense.

There is no date set yet, that is why you are searching for your bags. You feel a little aimless and lost since there is no set date you can aim for.

The explosion represents the results of your thesis defense. You have been working on this for so long, but in the end someone else will be judging it and all you can do is sit there and watch.

Don't you just love my BS! Ha. A dream is a dream is a dream. But that was fun for me, making all that stuff up.

Enjoy your last day of freedom.

Wes said...

I never thought to even question you about your diet thing. I know you are a smart gal, and I agree 100% with the knee thing. ROCK-ON girl.

Don't worry about the dreams. Your mind is probably blowing off some stress.

Have a great time in the pool. Get a few smacks in for me!!

John said...

I hope I didn't sound like a nag, Jodi - you're obviously very bright, and I'm sure you're much better versed in both issues of health, generally, and yourself, specifcally, than I'll ever be.

I'd just hate for you to make Ironman training any more difficult than it already is (I did IMWI this past year, and am preparing for IMAZ this year, so I know how grueling it is).

Just keep listening to your body, and I'm sure you'll have a great Ironman experience.

Good luck with everything!

Charlie said...

Why peanut butter?.
Seriously, I eat my share of the stuff, but not to much.
Should I be concerned?
Just courious.