Thursday, January 18, 2007

My the numbers

Running Test

I haven't posted about this before, but I have been very frustrated with my running. It has been really slow, the the HR hasn't been going down and the 156 top for my zone 2 wasn't workin for me. When I really looked at my race HRs, I realized that my zones were most likely quite off (I avereaged 184 for my half marathon). So Coach Angela and I agreed to get my anaerobic threshold tested.

Here are the numbers:

Anaerobic Threshold: 181 (surprisingly low, given I can run 2 hours at 184...)

Aerobic base: 168 (HR at maximal fat burning)

VO2 max: 50.0

New top of zone 2: 164 Wooohoooo!

Here is the kicker- It has been really, really hard for me to drop my last 5-7 pounds to get to race weight. Well, now I know why! My body is really, really efficient:

Calories burned in 1 hour of zone 2 running: 350

Now I understand how I can run 2 anaerobic hours!

Are you freakin kidding me?????

Next week I go back for basal metabolic rate testing. I'll be surprised if it's >800 calories!

So I'm going on my coach's 2 week cleanse to kick start the diet. It will take a lot of willpower (no sweets, very low caloric intake, lots of water), but I can do it! Don't be surprised to see a very cranky JT posting in the next 2 weeks, though...


teacherwoman said...

That sounds all TOO confusing to me! I guess I haven't reached the point of "really" understanding those numbers and considering them too much!

Wes said...

Oh like we didn't know that was coming! At least you finally learned the truth. Your heart rate is naturally high because you are a freakin triathlon machine! Yea, baby!

JeffM said...

So you're above average in everything! You make a great case for being tested and really knowing.

SkiRough said...

When do you start the two week diet? Good luck with it! You have all of us here to kick your ass if you stray :)

B Bop said...

All that swimming over the years has turned you into quite a little oxygen deliverer now, hasn't it??

Good luck with the cleanse!! Will you share your cleansing secrets with us?? It is tough to balance keeping energy up for training with a good cleanse, no??

gary said...

Jodi - I'm curious to know how you tested your anaerobic threshold. Did you use a field test of some sort (30min TT ala Friel's LT, etc) Or did you have it done in an ex phys lab using a metabolic cart.

If you had it done in a lab, how did they determine the threshold point (and therefore associated heart rate)? Did they use some deflection point in a VO2 vs running velocity or VO2 vs heart rate graph?

I only ask because 168 seems like a high intensity level, especially if your heart rate average for a open half marathon was 184bpm.

I guess my point is to remember that in IMCDA, your ability to run "x" pace around threshold won't matter at all. It may matter if you were running an open marathon, but not in Ironman.

That being said. I realize you have a coach AND she knows you A Lot better than me!

As a comparison, here were my numbers for 2006:

10mile: 187bpm
marathon: 175bpm
iron run leg: 144-149bpm (I didn't get splits for the events, but monitored throughout the run)

You say your heart rates haven't been going down and you are running slow? How have pace and heart rates compared over time.

Here's a post I wrote recently about fitness tests:

I discuss a similar issue (feeling slow) that I have been dealing with.

Well that is a lot of unsolicited advice. Not sure any of it helps your situation, but maybe something to think about.

mike said...

Good luck on the cleanse. I just did my own 2 week post-christmas cleanse and it was tough to balance it with the volumes of training ym coach has me doing. But with a little willpower (and locking away any non-cleanse approved foods) it can be done.

And I'll jpin in on the butt-kicking to get you to do it if need be.

JenC said...

Glad to hear your HR zone is higher. It didn't make any sense that mine was higher than yours when I'm 7 years older!

Good luck with the Cleanse! I said thanks, but no thanks when Angela sent that out.

See you tonight!

TriSonq said...

Me no understand. Too…many…numbers.
Just kidding.
You are such a show off ;)

Won't the weight come off because of your training schedule?

Have a good weekend & hope your thesis is coming along well. Happy cleansing.

John said...

You might want to research the whole cleanse thing (and weight loss thing) before doing something that might jeopardize your training - my wife is a sports-specific nutritionist, and sees people all the time who want to lose weight during their training for an endurance event, and she consistently tells them how difficult/counter-productive it is to attempt this now. I won't go bog down your blog with details, but please consider any weight-loss plan after IMCA is over with. Believe me, it will be much easier.

Samantha B said...

Great news! I know that feeling too!

Where did you get tested?

Kate said...

Yay for new zone 2!!

Wow- 350. That's super efficient. At least you won't have to eat quite as much at IM!

Good luck with those last few pounds.. I can't see where you'll find them, but I know you'll be able to lose then :-)

Noel said...


you know I love training. But I can't figure out your figures..
Numbers are pretty high 184 avg.
I get that too, I did an IM 70.3 ( half IM) with 184 average for 4h17min but that was because of adrenaline.
My Anaerobic Threshold is 173 or something ( don't know the exact No. right now, need to get it tested again) so I couldn't possibly have done the race in HF:184.

Guess I can't figure out my own hart rate. Same principle that we use at work applies here too:
"No plan ever survives first contact" tri related it means; when the gun goes off, forget the HR monitor and focus on pace. If 170 feels good, stay consistent or pace yourself and tell yourself not to go over 175 in the first part and go for it in the second half.

Happy training.

Charlie said...

Free at last, free at last!
Enjoy the new like you've never run before.

Neese said...

i admire those that cleanse because it does take willpower indeed, but you WILL do it!

Steve said...

Good luck with the Cleanse... I'm sure you will have the will power to come through unscaved.

As for the numbers... Well being a guy who works with numbers all day long... I have to say.... In my opinion.... I'm clueless... was that Greek? or some sort of Swahili or something? all I heard as I read it was click click click, clickedy clickedy click click... etc etc. Very confused.

See you at practice.