Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Random Thoughts

1. Memorial day always reminds me of Carl . He was my one and only patient when I was in the first 2 years of med-school and into my PhD. He was really the only living veteran (WWII) that I was close to, so I would always send him an email on Memorial Day thanking him for his service to the country. Man, he was such a cool guy! I really miss him. He never talked about his time in the military. I think it bothered him. When he got out of the service he got his PhD in History and went on to teach Canadian History at Case Western. I just saw his family Doc this week, so he's been on my mind. It's always good to take time to remember people who had a positive impact on our lives.

2. What an amazing day! I didn't see a single cloud in the sky all day! I had a little snafu this morning. I thought masters was practicing at 7:30. I was excited that I would actually be able to eat before a swim workout (my nutritionist says no food 2 hours before a workout). I got up at 5:30, ate, and sat around until 7:00. When I got there they were almost done! Practice started at the normal time (6:00). Thankfully, the coach opened up the practice pool (25 yards) so that I could practice on my own while the club team filled up the 50 meter pool. It ended up being a great 4500 yard workout.

Then I had a 3 hour ride scheduled. I was supposed to wait until the heat of the day, so I went out at 1pm and had a hill workout planned in the valley. I ended up doing an absolutely beautiful tour of the North and South Chagrin MetroParks and climbed out of the valley 5 times. Right before I was to tackle the last hill I heard a voice behind me- "Jodi, is that you?" It was Charlie , fellow CTC member and blogger. It was so nice to have the company up Old Mill. Going up that hill used to strike fear in me! Today it was actually quite nice. Having someone to chat with made all the difference. Thanks Charlie!

3. Last week I did some clinical rotations. There were 2 days of OB (labor and Delivery) and 2 days of Internal Medicine. Man, I just loved OB! It was actually the surgeries that I thought were the most interesting. They let me assist on 3 cesaerean sections and they were amazing. I re-start med-school on July 16th and surgery is the first specialty on the list. I put it first because I was sure I was going to hate it and wanted to get it out of the way. Now I'm getting so excited for it! Who knew???

4. Anonymous struck again. Apparently I came off really full of myself in my last post. I certainly didn't intend for it and I hope I didn't offend anyone!

5. Man, I just can't wait for taper! I always thought that I would dread taper. But 3 weeks of recovery is really going to hit the spot. 2 weeks will be home with the family and I'll get to spend some quality time with my parents and my brother, sister in law and my nephew. I haven't been home since Christmas and I am SOOOO looking forward to it!

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!


Charlie said...

Thanks for pulling me up that hill.
Made an already very nice ride that much better.
BTW I didn't mention during the ride, Congrats on having your blog reprinted in the Ohio Sports and Fitness Magazine. Apparently some folks find a great deal of value in what you write. Anonymous should be brave enough to identify themselves with criticism.

Wes said...

Ahhhh. Anonymous. The mysterious voice of God... I like that. You settled for 4500 yards in a 25 yard pool. So cool :-) I saw a van pull by on the interstate with not one but two Cervelos on top, and I thought about you! LOL. The race is around the corner. Woo hoo! Enjoy your taper time and your family.

Ellie80 said...

nope - Jodi I reckon that anyone who admits to peeing their pants on a bike while cool in tri world, is not to be considered full of themselves :)

good on you girl!

John said...

Thanks for the encouragement before my race Jodi. I did enjoy it a lot and had fun. Thanks.

4500=180x 25m.....boy I have a long way to go. Keep up the good work.

E-Speed said...

hey girl! Glad you had a good memorial day. your blog is about you, it's bound to come off as well being about yourself. That's the nature of it. You can't please everyone!

I think you rock, even though you peed on your bike ;)

TriSonq said...

I cannot see myself peeing on the bike, EVER!

Ewwww?!? Just kidding. ;)

You are now a hard-core triathlete!

BTW, thanks for talking me into this blogworld many moons ago. I have met some really great people in person, so far. Courtney/SkiRough (, Laurie (, Michelle (, Lana (

It's so funny how when we meet, it's like we're all old friends already.

Chuck said...

I just realized that your IM is the same day as my Alcatraz - 26 days!! When you are pushing through your run, however, I will already have a clam chowder sour dough breadbowl in me and will be relaxing with a cocktail, and perhaps enjoying a tour of the prison.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That's why I don't let anonymous posters on my blog. If they don't have the courage to show themselves, they should stop reading blogs of courageous people and go back in their parents basements where they came from.

Anyway...I think you have definitely done everything you could do to have a very successful first IM. Now you need to be as dedicated to your taper as you have been to your training. No last minute cramming. You've done what you need to do.

Great job!