Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Saturday, By the numbers

107 miles ridden in the main set
18 miles commuting and warm up
125 total miles biked
4 x 10 minute high zone 3 intervals in hour 3
3.2 miles run
8400 feet of climbing
3 amazing people that did a tag team to help me get my mileage in
1 pothole hit
2 bottles launched
1 tired flatted
1 tire fixed by yours truly with no assistance whatsoever
6 geese dodged
3 wild turkeys spotted
1 squirrel hit by my tire (so sorry, poor innocent squirrel)
2.5 power bars eaten
3 powergels consumed
4 bottles of gatorade drank
2 bottles water taken down
1 crotch really, really sore
1 really stoked chick

And just a small story that only the Cleveland peeps will really appreciate.

When I had been riding for 90 miles Tony and I came to a fork.
He said- "we can go back now, or we can head into Holden"
I said- "Is it hilly?"
Ha! What that really meant was- Please, oh please tell me that you are talking about a different Holden than I know
He said- "yeah, it's really hilly. Let's go- you need hills"

So down we go. And the Cleveland peeps know the rest of the story.


Yes, the hill. The hill that brings grown men to tears. The hill that kills the spirits of dozens of triathletes every year. The hill that you can actually hear coming. How? As you approach that hill during the Greater Cleveland Triathlon all you hear is:

click, clack, click, clack

What is that? That is the sound of cycling shoes on pavement.

I did buzz kill hill at mile 95 of my ride

and I survived. With my shoes IN the pedals, thank you very much

But then there was this little catch... I had been gone for 95 miles and I was in friggin Mentor Ohio! Yeah, not close to home. So we headed back and of course, needed to climb one more huge hill to get out of the valley. It seriously took every once of strength I had left, in the granny gear, to get my tired ass up that hill.

And now I think I can really say

Bring on CdA, baby! At least the bike course....

(oh, and knee is feeling better- Yay!)


John said...

125 miles?! Your post makes it sound fun and so easy. I think I have a long road ahead of me if I decide to do more than an OLYTRI next year? :-)

Glad to hear your knee is getting better. Keep up the good work.

Miranda said...

Awesome ride, girl!

... and way to go on fixing the flat :)

bbieberitz said...

Holy Crap!! Nice job! you should have a moment of silence for that poor animal you killed ;)

Paris said...

Sounds like a good day :-)

Karen said...

Hey Jodi - just found your blog - will be tracking your road to Ironman... Have done one sprint last year and booked in for Olympic this year, contemplating an Ironman future but not until I know I can get the run in my legs! Have a fab journey to your dream! Oh and I liked you 40comments on why you're doing it :O)

All the best, Karen

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Epic ride! I know that hill you are talking about. Getting up that hill is one thing, getting up it 95 miles deep into a ride is a whole different world. I actually did a triathlon in Mentor several years ago. There isn't a patch of flat road in that area longer than a football field so I can just imagine your ride back. Fantastic job! Sounds like this long-course stuff is your thing.

TriSonq said...

Wow. Look at you kicking bootay!

Awesome as usual, Jodi!

SkiRough said...

Holy smokes, woman!!

A few points.. "18 mile warm up/commute" ahh, see, you are like the freaks in my tri club who don't count "leaving Manhattan" in their workout milage. I guess I should start doing that as well, huh.

I hit a pothole and launched my waterbottles as well!

Way to go fixing your tire.

Psyched for your great ride!

Charlie said...

That is huge! I thought my ride was long.
Glad to hear your knee is feeling better. I thought of you today as I flew to the pavement. Damn train tracks.
No biggie. little scrape.

khai said...

Kick ass, girl - way to ride. Though I have to say, the Jodi I know would sooner tip over than unclip to walk up a hill!

At least it wasn't preceeded by 10mi of false flats!

Mallie said...

There's no stopping you, girl. Way to go! You are going to ace anything that comes your way at IM.

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah, I would say you are going to have zero trouble with the bike course. Them are some crazy numbers.

Glad to hear your knee is feeling better!!!

Can't wait to get in some more biking jealous I am missing out on all this fun!

Wes said...

Bring on CdA because Jodi is going to open up a can of whoop ass on it! Nice ride, girlfriend! Now I am the one who is jealous!!

JenC said...

All I can say is "incredible"! I thought I had a hard day on Saturday and you went almost twice as far. You should rock CDA!

Hope your PM run went well. It was good to see you and Maddie yesterday.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great ride! Nice numbers! Way to fix the tire, chica! I wouldn't expect anything less from you!

E-Speed said...

glad your knee is feeling better! Sounds like a long day! Great job!

Papa Louie said...

Yep, I'd say you are ready for CdA. Good workout!

B Bop said...

Glad to hear the knee's feeling better!! 8400 ft. of climbing in NE Ohio must require planning, no?

I fear hitting animals in my car, but it is my worst nightmare that I'll get one on my bike. Poor squirrel!!

JeffM said...

Good to hear about the knee being better.
Fantastic ride- that's alot of elevation gain.

momo said...

wow, jodi, great ride. cda is going to be a breeze after that.

well, ok, not a breeze, but you know what i mean... :-)

Cliff Tam said...

That's a sweet ride.

A few weekends ago, a chipmunk hit my shoe while I was riding. It was stunned for a sec before crossing the road. That was pretty lucky considering if it hit my wheels, it would be road kill for sure.

erichollins said...

Why no update in over a week? Are you working on the defense of your dissertation or something like that?