Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well the day is almost upon us. The day that Jonnyo races Ironman Canada in his home town!

I've known Jonathan for about a year, and as his unofficial sports doc I feel it is appropriate to do a little pep-talk, pictorial style. First of all, check out this link and download an awesome little video of the race that crowned Jonathan as the Canadian National Champ this year (with some interviews with the man himself). Also, keep your eye on ironmanlive for an upcoming interview with Jonathan, and also for live coverage of the race on Sunday.

Ok Jonny. It's been a long journey and it's time to remember all the fun times.

The days at the beginning of big weeks. When everyone was fresh and excited and ready for the challenges ahead. Time to meet new people and form lifelong friendships:

Then there was the excitement of the long ride. Ready for the challenge ahead...

And the feeling that maybe you bit off more than you could chew...

The recovery periods:

The fun times when you're feeling stupid from 5 days of crazy training:

But know you have to get right back on the horse that same afternoon:

And then feel the pain:

Then at the end of the week, you look around at everyone who is beaten, drained, sunburned, but completely in love with the world and the sport

And you're so happy, that even the death grip of your coach makes you smile

And your favorite training buddies are rallying around you

As you get closer to your race, you surround yourself with friends

Start to channel the power of the cowbell

Then you relax with a huge carb loading dinner, and get ready for the big event...

The morning of the race, you sit in front of the water and soak in the years of training, the excitement of 2400 people, and the calm of the water.

BOOM goes the cannon

You swim and leave the water with feet of your competition in quick pursuit

You bike like you've never biked before (and on a sweet new Orbea speed machine)

You run until your muscles can push no more and until someone with a silver coated blanket makes you stop

But no matter what you do, make sure at all times, your face looks like this:

Not this:

Or you'll surely get this look from you know who:

And of course, my one solid piece of advice- the way you should race and finish this journey- is said best, by your favorite artist...

And I tried. But I just. can't. resist....



Good luck Jonathan! Kick some butt. And never forget- the Womens love Ironman Champions!

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Anonymous said...

Salut John!!!

Je te souhaite la plus belle expérinece, la plus belle journée de ta vie!!!