Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quick update

Well, I survived... barely!

The race was really tough. The fatigue from the race hit at about mile 7, at about the same time as the hills and the wind! But if my watch is right, I was about 1 second per mile slower than I had predicted to Paulo last night, based on my level of fitness and level of fatigue.

7:48 per mile average
184 HR average
Max HR...204 Damn hills!

Not great, but very solid race for me give the circumstances.

My training buddy, Tony, had a fantastic race! His half mary PR is somewhere in the 2:10 range, and he hit 1:25 today! That's a 8:30 per mile pace. What an improvement. I am so happy for him!

Great to see some other friends out there today. Jen, Sam, Christina, Dave- Great race everyone!


CJ said...

Great job in the 10-miler and the Kinetic!

My average HR was 184 today, too! I didn't quite hit 204, though.

JenC said...

It was great to see you this morning! Been too long!

I suffered through that race today. I pulled off a negative split barely, but I redlined the last 5 miles to do it. Ah, good times! You've definitely become a quick one!

Kate said...

Nice work speedy! Seriously- word verification is all over the place today. I don't know if I'll ever get this posted :-)

erichollins said...

I find women odd. Your max HR was 204 but my max HR on a similar incline would probably be around 180. It isn't the fact that I'm in better shape. It's because my max heart rate just isn't as high.

Paris said...

The obvious is amusing

khai said...

Nicely done! I've never tried to race 10mi, but I'm fairly certain that I'd be a ways behind you...

Love to see that MaxHR pop up too. :D

Today I got up @ 07:17 and was running on the trails by 07:37 - proving that I *do not* need a pretty girl in order to get up and run first thing [in the morning] (though admittedly, it does help).