Sunday, April 20, 2008

You go girl!

Before leaving Virginia we headed down to the race to wish good luck to Smartasscamp veteran Lindsey, who was competing in the sprint.

700+ registrants
Pouring rain
19 minute 5k to round out the tri
First woman overall
By 3 minutes! (unofficial report from Khai)

This is going to be a serious woman to watch in the next few years. This is the first winter that she has trained for triathlons. Former Division 1 swimmer, no less!

Congrats Lindsey! You rock!

And the pic of the week:

We're not in Cleveland anymore...


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome job in your Half! Looks like the training camp and the rest of your training is really paying off. Nice!

khai said...

Hey, that picture turned out really well! I especially like how it demonstrates the vast superiority of my new technical apparel line over more traditional wet weather gear (as shown by the jacket Lindsey is modeling). Here you can see pieces from my waterproof cotton hoodie and jeans collection.

On to the main topic of the post, yes - this girl is going to tear it up HUGE and accomplish some great things in the very near future. Former D1 swimmer just getting her feet wet in OW, strong on the bike (and now atop a new, properly fitted TT bike) and the potential for a devastating run if developed appropriately. 19:14 for 5k is nothing to scratch at, but I think that this performance is just the tip of the iceberg for one jonnyo nicknamed "Jerdonekova".

I hear her coach knows a guy who knows a thing or two about fast running as well...