Monday, June 30, 2008

The attention deficit blogger

I have just no attention span for reading or writing anymore. I think it's probably the result of extreme sleep deprivation. So I think that I'm going with bullet-point blogs from now on. If one bullet is god-awful boring, you can always just skip to the next one.

Bullet One: Back in the pool today after a 30 day hiatus. After 4100 yards I got an urgent telegram delivered to me in the pool. It was from my shoulders. They officially resigned.

Bullet Two: The apartment experiment. For one year in my new cool place I have decided to live the simple life. No TV. Yes you read that right. I have no TV. No driving to the grocery unless I need dog food (it's about 0.5 miles down the road). No driving at all unless totally necessary. Bike to work as often as possible. No accumulating crap! You have absolutely no idea how much STUFF I threw out when I moved. Ugh

Bullet Three: A big congrats to Danny who nabbed a Kona slot at Buffalo Springs with a time of 4:28! Rockstar! And also to Tracy For dominating for 5th overall pro woman with a 4:37 and second fastest run split. Supastar! Andrew Hodges also grabbed 3rd overall pro at Spirit of Morgantown with a time of 4:12 (fastest run of the day at 1:19). It was a great day for the posse!

Bullet Four: A sneak peak

And to the person who suggested I was REPLACING Mike Honcho with Red. BLASPHEMY!

The Honch will always be my tri-racing machine and Red my dedicated roadie



Margaret said...

Glyn and I don't have a TV either and love it! Most people think we are nuts, don't believe us, and still insist that we should get one...join the club. I don't think you'll go back once you experience it and get through the initial withdrawals. Hope all else is well with you. It's been a LONG time.

Bob Almighty said...

Two words DVD collection!

DaisyDuc said...

Dude I think my lungs would have resigned before my shoulders on that rock!!!!

My tv just continues to get less and less use... but I cannot imagine not having one!

Flatman said...

I can't wait to see red and those shifters are the sex!

Danny Montoya said...

Thanks for the shoutout Jodi!!

See you in October....unless you can get away at the end of this month?? (hint, hint) ;-)

triguyjt said...

the shoulders line was very clever.....

props to danny on getting that kona slot.

yeah, its amazing how much stuff you accumulate....ridiculous...
If I had more house, I would have more stuff. its freaking insane...

I am biking-walking about town a little more than usual..its a start.... take that oil companies