Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sleep is a beautiful thing

This past month of medicine wards really wore me out. To end that month of craziness I spent a very non-relaxing weekend moving across town. So by yesterday I was a mess. I had forced myself to get up at 4:45am on Monday and Wednesday for swimming and had a very tough hilly group ride on Tuesday. This was after being bent over in pain all day Tuesday from what I can only imagine is my stomach ulcer returning to rear its ugly head (I hate you, ulcer!).

With the way I've been feeling I'm a bit worried that the damn thing is bleeding again. I just feel so drained and my workouts are completely flat. Ugh

So yesterday at swimming I was an ugly monster. Tired, pissy, slow. It was truly a pathetic workout on my end. So after my evening run I went directly to bed. I was dead to the world at 8:30pm. And the next 9 hours were GLORIOUS! I feel like a new woman. It's a good thing too because I need to hit the training HARD. I will be training through Musselman and building until the end of the month. I can give a little warning that the race next weekend is going to be rough! I don't expect PRs (I feel like a slug running at the moment), but I guarantee to give it all I have. I'm sure watching the ITU Pan American cup on Saturday will give me some extra motivation to go fast! Those athletes are amazing!


Wes said...

You've been working so hard!! I know your perseverance is going to pay off, both in your profession and tris!!!

Eric said...

Donto worry your the good thing is that you survie so keep up the good work and you will be find enjoy watching the race

khai said...

I have no idea how you can drag ass out of bed at that hour after such a hard month... Whenever I'm really dead the early morning swim workouts are the first thing to get bagged.

Maybe that's why you're faster than I am - you're much tougher, and far more dedicated!