Friday, July 04, 2008


Sometimes you finish a workout and there is just one word that comes to your mind. Damn. That's what today was.

80 mile ride. From Shaker heights down into the valley, up into Holden, out to Amish country, back down into Chagrin Falls and up and out. It was hilly (3800 feet of climbing). And it was freaking fast.

When we were coming back into Chagrin falls going 28 on the flat at mile 65 I just about threw in the towel. The time I dropped my chain and other time I launched my bottle just about killed me. Bridging back to that insanity is tough! Thank you to Tony and Lanny who helped me pull back to the group.

All in all we averaged about 18.3 mph which included all the slowing for intersections and regrouping. Those guys have made me into SUCH a better cyclist. Last year I was averaging 15.5mph on a similar ride. As much as I curse the people pushing the pace during those rides, it's those people who make me better. A big thanks to the Shaker Cycling group for pushing me every single weekend. See ya Sunday.

And to Tony, who dragged me out for our brick run and absolutely blazed a trail- you are so, SOOOO ready for IMLP. Go out there and get the work done, partner.


triguyjt said...

what a great improvement you have made on the bike...(he said jealously)..

tony is really gonna do great in lp.
and on the previous post...good luck with the stomach situation.

Mike said...

Nice ride! I'm a little jealous! I love getting out and riding with a group it's just so easy to not push yourself when riding on your own. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!