Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanks, pool dude!

So I'm tapering again, which means my workouts are much more focused. My swim workouts are Paulo specials and I have to do them on my own. I had to be at work today at 1pm, so I knew I would have to cut my swim short today because the pool didn't open until 11am. Then the bastards were 10 minutes late! Not a good way to start.

Anyway, the set started with 800 choice, then 4 x 100 (50 EZ 50 fast). I did them with a 1:40 sendoff and really got the heart pumping. Then I had the set from hell.

1500, finish strong

When I see that, I need to break it up. So I decided to descend the set by 500's. I can't count past 20 anyway.

So I start the monster 1500 and soon notice that an older man in swim trunks has jumped in the next lane and is swimming just behind me. Didn't think anything of it.

200-300-400-500 (split 7:49)

The guy is swimming right on my hip

OK, time to go faster for the second 500.

Now he is matching me stroke for stroke. WTF, dude, get a life! I was really annoyed as I started the second 500. I just wanted to do my 1500 in peace now I have this jerk pacing me!


Stroke for stroke

900-1000 I pull away by a body length (split 7:45)

Time to go faster

Now the guy pulls it into high gear and slowly comes up to me again


Stroke for stroke

Now by the 3rd 500 I am starting to appreciate this guy. Please random stranger swimmer dude, push me faster! I need to descend this bastard. Help!

The last 200 he slowly pulled ahead and beat me to the wall by a body length. But I pushed my split and had 7:35. I looked back and saw him cooling down.

It must have been quite the spectacle. 2 strangers racing stroke for stroke for 22 minutes, obviously working hard.

When I got out he was at the wall and I thanked him for the pacing. I asked him if he would mind coming to my race on Saturday because I could use a nice pair of feet! He laughed and said no way. He's too old to keep up with me. Yeah right!

Anyway, I had a good time and thought I'd share. Thanks swimmer guy. You made my workout. But watch out. Next time you're mine!


PS. I will happily be reviewing the SRAM Red Grouppo in a few weeks. It needs a good tune-up at the moment.


Flatman said...

How cool.

Good luck on Saturday!!!

Bob Almighty said...

I love pacing off of random people, especially when their competitive looking swimmers, it helps to make the workouts go faster. Good luck at SteelHead. Also you be down for IM AZ 2009?

Maggs said...

I love/hate swim workouts when someone you don't know is racing you. Always annoys me when I'm swimming, but when it's over I always feel better about my swim!

Lauren said...

The same thing happened to me this week, although the guy was probably over 2x my age!!

Good luck this weekend!!!

Donald said...

That was a great opportunity - I always hope for somebody to keep pace in the next lane whenever I'm doing a long set. It definitely helps the yards go by.

BTW, those 500 splits are awesome!

Colleen said...

Too bad he can't be there at the race, although I'm sure you won't need it from what I've read! Best of luck!

triguyjt said...

you are rocking steelhead as i write this..and your probably ripping past some dudes in the water as we speak........

Steve Stenzel said...

You looked GREAT yesterday!! Congrats on a strong triathl.... err... duathlon.

Nice to see you out there!! Can't wait for the report!

Steve Stenzel said...

p.s. I'm glad you said "It's Jodi" when you saw me. I don't think I would have known otherwise....