Friday, July 25, 2008

Meet the new man in my life

He's a bit short, but devastatingly handsome. Stiff but responsive and always ready for a long ride. Meet Red

Cervelo RS, size XS (48 cm, 650 wheels)
SRAM Red Complete Grouppo
Compact front, 11/26 rear (the 26 is complete overkill, but it's there if I ever attempt to ride him up Everest)
Easton EA70 wheels
3T Funda Pro Fork
LOOK pedals (had an extra set laying around)
And I actually bought a (gasp!) computer for this one
I haven't weighed Red yet, but I think he comes in right around 15 pounds. It's SHOCKINGLY light.

Special thanks to all the guys at Austin Tri Cyclist for being so awesome. They worked with me on every aspect of this bike and had it shipped here at a phenomenal price. You guys ROCK!

Unfortunately with another half coming up next weekend he's sidelined for the moment. I have a date with the Honch this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi,
Nice ride, I have an R3 as my roadie, it's the best bike I've ridden, I'm sure you'll have plenty of great rides in the future on your RS. Just promise us triathletes you'll still get aero every now and again! I'd be really interested to here your feedback on the SRAM red stuff after you've put it to the test for a while.
I enjoy reading your blog and can't wait to hear your take on Kona from an insiders perspective.
Kiwi IM

Bjorn Boyer said...

I am jealous. Nice ride.
I would like to see a post on the SRAM too.

E-Speed said...

Man all these CTC gals with fancy new red bikes, I am jealous! Looks like you will definitely have some fun with your new purchase!

JenC said...

Sweet ride!

Wes said...

Stiff? He's not...dead? is he? LOL! I WANT one of those!!

TJ said...

Very nice! I'd love to have a new road bike, but I think new wheels for the tribike are gonna be next.
Enjoy the new ride!

Flatman said...

so, so sexy...x3 on a red review when you have ridden it some... :)


Rick said...

NICE, I have the R3 and was thinking of the how it rides...and the RED.

erichollins said...

What? You didn't come down here and test ride it first? We could've gone for a ride and I could've introduced you to breakfast tacos! You don't know what you're missing. Looks like a great bike. Have fun on it.

triguyjt said...

awesome ride...I am very jealous

Brian said...

sweet ride. i definately have bike envy. i hope it's still working after i bumped it