Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 3/4 Kona

I'm sleepy! Things are getting pretty crazy here. The expo opened tonight and we all went down to see the revealing of the Cervelo P4 and see the exhibits. I got the hookup for a free pair of Zoot compression socks, so that was pretty awesome. Saw Norman Stadler at Lava Java, so I got my celebrity sighting out of the way. So anywho, here is a pictorial of the last 2 days

Yesterday we went down to the energy lab to get a run in. I ran with Khai on the way out and Joel on the way in. Here is us coming back, energy lab in the background. The vog was heavy yesterday!

Here is trouble sitting together. Joel Filliol and Paulo Sousa.

And the whole group post- run:

Tracy's husband Shawn works for NUUN and we are all big fans of the product. Will was such a big fan that he put 4 tablets in his mouth at once. I think the regret was instant..

Today I did zero training, but we did have a very fun ocean session where we played in the water behind the condo. I found Nemo, I swear! Here are some pics of us hanging out:

And then some silliness ensued. We decided to take stupid pictures mocking some new and old slowtwitch threads. Watch out when a bunch of tapering athletes, coaches and support crew get together!


Judy said...

Good times and good pix!! Looks like everyone is "chill-laxing" - have another great day!!

Flatman said...

What a freaking party!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Tapering triathletes are a scary bunch for sure. ;-) So do you have your assignment for the race?

Vagabond said...

Looks like fun. Are they all racing?

Anonymous said...

I love your swimsuit. Have fun!

DaisyDuc said...

Hmmm can't decide what I like better, wonder woman suit of HFTU speedo????