Saturday, October 11, 2008

Swimming with Dolphins, Running with underpants and riding 112

The last 3 days have been super busy, jammed pack with fun activities, conference stuff, and preparations for the big day.

For starters, on Wednesday the whole crew went down to the swim course for our first open water swim. Khai, Joel and I went right for the Coffees of Hawaii boat where that you can swim up to and get a hot espresso shot while bobbing in the ocean. When we got there we started noticing pure awesomeness- Dolphins! They were everywhere! We're not talking a couple. There were dozens of them all over the swim course swimming with all the athletes. For the next 45 minutes we followed the dolphins around as they played and frolicked. I picked up my head for awhile and saw that there was one who was doing tricks- he was jumping out of the water, spinning a couple times and falling back in. Totally amazing. The Coffees of Hawaii peeps got some pics of the fun!

Then on Thursday it was the long awaited Kona Underpants Run! Khai, Will, Tracy and I put on our best attire and went down to do a killer loop around the Kailua, with calisthenics and our 300 or so closest friends. What a blast! Here are some pics:

The whole crew taking over town:

T-racer showing off her special made NUUN bikini:

And the crew after the race showing off our outfits (Khai LOVES his compression socks):

And showing off our HUGE muscles!

Then today I headed off on my own to tackle the bike course. It's a one-loop out and back from Kailua to Hawi (pronounced Ha-vee). The first (and last) 35 miles or so are pretty baron and windy and through miles and miles of lava fields. Then you make a turn towards Hawi and get to face strong headwinds AND a long climb up to town. The climb isn't that bad in itself and it's actually very pretty. You go from black lava to lush green in the span of 10 miles. It was my favorite part of the course. One very important message about this bike course that I learned today, though is:

- No matter what direction you go, you ALWAYS have a headwind. ALWAYS.

The way back was a bit brutal. It's windier on the way back than the way out, especially from miles 75-90. And for someone who hasn't ridden > 40 miles in seemingly forever, my neck and butt were killing me! But I made it back, and now we are all chilling before our early appointment with bed tonight. BIG RACE TOMORROW!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Go Job on riding the whole bike course, enjoy the RACE!

triguyjt said...

do you think the dolphins were doing the coffee shots????

just thinking??

I am busy at work and want to spend time keeping tabs on the race...but no go right now..

Brian said...

looks like fun. and i'd take that ride over my maybe 2 miles with the kids today. uhhh. that was torture.

Steve Stenzel said...

OH MY GOD. Couldn't you have found room to haul me in your carry-on? I would have loved that race! GREAT PICS!!


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Swimming with the dolphins looked awesome. Running in underpants and cycling the Queen K...not so much.

erichollins said...

Since when did this blog become NSFW?

Ange said...

what an amazing experience that looks like...the whole trip. Thanks for sharing these pictures and your stories. Interesting to hear about teh bike course!

Mike said...

Awesome!!! First word that popped into my head when I read your blog!!! Hope you kicked ass in the race!