Friday, October 31, 2008

Poor Maddie!

Since I've been at home, the coyotes have been crazy. Out at night making kills (they scream and make the most horrific noises when they kill something) and during the day they have been hanging out by our house when the dogs are out. And they are very big!

When I was walking the dogs the other day I heard them rustling in the woods and following us. So I decided it wasn't safe to walk them by the woods. Today I thought I was being pretty clever by walking her around the other block instead. Towards the end of our walk I heard some rustling and before I knew it Maddie was being attacked! BY A DOG! Apparently there is an irresponsible neighbor who doesn't tie their dog and it roams around. It came out of nowhere and just began mauling Maddie. I was completely terrified. I couldn't get the dog off her! Maddie kept herself between the crazy dog and me, so I wasn't able to do anything. I got one kick in and soon the dog was gone. But not before it did some damage. Maddie's hair was all tuffed up where the dog had tried to make her dinner, and I saw that she was bleeding. She immediately crawled over to me and laid down right on my feet. After giving her a big hug I was able to get her to limp home

Here is a bad picture of her paw. The dog had bitten her foot and separated her pad from the foot. A big deep gash:

She was so sad. Just laid down and wouldn't come inside

I took her to the vet to get some antibiotics and to clean the wound. The location of the wound wasn't amenable to stitches, so we will be doing warm water soaks and amoxicillin twice per day.

Here is sad wounded Maddie

I'm just hoping that this doesn't make her timid or aggressive. Maddie is the most social dog I've ever had. I've never met another dog or person that she doesn't love. It just sucks!


Charlie said...

That sucks. Take good care of her. And watch out for those coyotes.

TJ said...

Irresponsible pet owners who let their dogs roam around are the worst.
Hope Maddie heals up soon.

Mike said...

Poor Maddie! I wish her a speedy recovery with physically and mentally!!!

khai said...

That's freakin' brutal. Coyotes are one thing but irresponsible owners SUCK! Do you have an idea as to who might own that dog?

Poor Maddie...

Lauren said...

OH poor maddie! I just want to give her a big hug and a treat. I can't stand idiot irresponsible dog owners either.

D said...

Oh seeing the pictures makes it so much worse :( I sure hope you march those vet bills over to that other owners house!!!

hak said...

I still stick by my large stick and/or pepper spray. A good shot of the pepper spray on the dog or impending coyote will do wonders.

We use these:

In Las Vegas, collapsible batons are legal so we carry those on nightly walks and runs. Not to deal with humans as much to deal with the pit bulls that sometimes run loose around here.

Had two pit bulls that got out and decided to hang out in the shade in my front year last year. Sweet dogs and I gave them some water. They weren't so sweet when they saw my Lab. Just the way it goes.

Take care of yourself and your baby. Hope she heals up quick.

Brad Braden said...

I know how she feels.. I remember getting my ass kicked once. it was not fun, and he was just a little guy too.. I was bummed out for weeks.. but if I have learned anything from the Simpson's, and I have, its that cuts heal and chicks dig scars. ;)


*I know all this isn't fun, so just tried to be a little light hearted, I'm sure you will both be fine*

Shawn and Tracy said...

Oh No...:-( Poor Mady. Gunner ask's that you give her a big hug and belly scratch oh and lot's of extra treats. He tells me that when he has injuries he needs the extra calories for recovery.
I hope you told those people to leash their dog..grrrrrr.

Pedergraham said...

I hope Maddie heals quickly...and doesn't get timid or scared around dogs in teh future. Poor thing.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh she's so sad. That's pretty heartbreaking.

I've had good luck with the "Halt" spray, but I suppose things moved too quickly for you to react. Did you call animal control?

Listening to a pack of coyotes talking to each other at dusk in the Great Smoky National Park was a magical experience. In the back yard - not so much. They're an open-season animal in VT.

Smithposts said...

Awww, what a sweet little girl! How brave for her to stand between you and the rogue dog. Hope she heals quickly! Have you reported the owners of the aggressor to the authorities?

Alili said...

Aww, poor Maddie. She looks like such a sweet girl.

Wes said...

Ayyy! Poor Maddie. I'm so sorry Jodi!! Dee Dee and I both hate that Maddie and you had to go through this :-(

Maggs said...

just catching up. I hope maddie has recovered. Poor thing!

Congrats on Timex!

DaisyDuc said...

Aghh, I was catching up and feel bad for the sweet girl. I hope she is back to ole self in no time.