Friday, May 01, 2009

It's been awhile!

So much has happened since my last update, where do I even begin??

Oh yeah...


The family is coming in to town in 2 weeks for the graduation and I've already hyped up my mom's ukulele campfire songs. Should be good times! It's all very surreal to me though. I started my MD/PhD 8 years ago and it seemed like this day would never come. Now that it's here it's all so... weird! What do I do with myself?

The past few weeks I've been busy finishing up my last elective. I spent the month working with local fire departments, the ground critical care transport team, and MedEvac. Here is a pic from my first day with the flight crew. I think the flight suit is damn sexxy.

And now I'm free to train my little tush off for the next few weeks. And train I will. I plan on hitting the roads to ride every day that the weather allows because Triple T is just around the corner. I'm a bit worried about my knee still. It's finally to where I can run 4 miles without any pain. But 4 miles and 26 miles in a weekend are very different things. I will keep plugging along, every other day and slowly building it up.

In other news, I got my schedule for intern year. Let's just say... me racing this summer or fall will be a bit of a stretch. Here is my schedule:

Surgery wards (80-100 hours per week, lots of call)
Medical ICU (80 hours per week, lots of call)
Medicine wards (80 hours per week, lots of call)
Emergency (YAY!!!!!!)
Burn ICU (More hours than I care to think about, every other night call)
Anesthesia (YAY!!!! practically a vacation month)
Medical ICU (Christmas/New Years. Ouch. Big ouch)
Emergency (YAY!!!!!)
Emergency (YAY!!!!!)
Emergency (YAY!!!!!)
Neurosurgery (Heinous. Get to wear the intern pager belt of justice every 4th night or so)
Emergency (YAY!!!!!)

So the good news is I'll get the hell months out of the way early. Bad news is that it is summer. Triathlon season. If I make it to the start line of Boulder 5430 awake, it will be quite the interesting day!

One final note for the day-

Go check out the new Timex website. They have all of our new pics up and profiles. The age group woman page is here. They've worked a ton on the new site and I think it looks pretty awesome!


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

First of all, congratulations on graduating!

With those hours, it's amazing to me that any doctor can make a coherent decision by the end of a shift.

Being on the Timex team is very cool!

Danny Montoya said...

Congrts on Graduation Dr. J!!!

Your timex pic looks great :-)

TriDreaming said...

Congrats on everything!! It's pretty dang awesome that you do so much. Being finished with med school seems so far away for me. Good luck in colorado.

Mike said...

Congrats on everything and good luck with your internship it looks like quite the schedule!

The Timex site looks good as well!!!

shaun said...

Hi JT, your timex pic looks v cool.
When i read your achievements MD, PhD etc and look at your sched it makes me realise how lucky I am and that I have no excuse to miss workouts etc because "I have no time". Good luck for the season ahead. Shaun.

Karen said...

HEY! just catching up with blogs.. and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


As always I am in awe of your work schedule and ability to train those hours!

Medical Position said...

Wow.. All I have to say isssss bravvvvoooo! Honestly, most people look @ life and really see that there is just sooo much to accomplish that they don't even know where to begin. And then, years down the line they end up regretting not taking the first steps to help them excel in their career. But you, you are the definition of true efforts and really, I think you got to where you want to be by 'planning'
Planning is something that sounds so simple, but while in Oxford, we learned that if you want to make it big in life just like those wealthy people, you have to A) Start Young (and) B) Plan ahead
And literally planning ahead got me to where I want to be in life with a six figure income and I bless every day that I live, really. All I have to say is kudos to another individual that lives her life successfully like I do :)

Maureen said...

Congratulations on finishing school! I think it's wonderful that you are cultivating your life and making it exactly what you want!!! I just finished EM residency (and am in PCB for IMFL), so if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!!!! (not to mention I lived in the Cleveland area for 6 years then went to med school in Toledo)