Monday, May 04, 2009

Riding heaven!

I am going to miss this place a lot once I leave. Every year in the spring I am just blown away by the cycling in this town. Now that I'm on a bit of a vacation I am taking advantage of every opportunity that I can to hit the roads. In the past week or so I've done...

-An 80 mile ride starting with Lanny, Roger and former roomie Matt (Roger and I finished) to the Holden Arboretum and then through Chagrin Falls (Hills!)
-A 50 mile ride with Roger and Lanny down to Geauga Lake and back
-Hill repeats with Lanny- 5 times up Sherman + 1 time up Old Mill
-A short but very nice 18 miles with Roger in threatening weather conditions
-33 miles with Matt- tour of Chagrin Falls
-Hill repeats on my own- 5 times up Berkshire plus once up Old Mill

Things of note...

1. Cliff Shot Blocks come in much better packaging now. And they are delicious!
2. I made it down Old Mill for the very first time WITHOUT touching my brakes. Hit 40.5 miles per hour
3. Sherman Hill repeats are evil in every way. Hit 43.5 MPH WITH my hands on the brakes. I am told the next time we go there it will be 6 repeats. I am going to call the local EMS in advance so they have the defibrillator ready.
4. Road bikes are just way more awesome than tri bikes. My love affair with Red was rekindled. I'm sure it just might have SOMETHING to do with the fact that I have a compact crank - 11/26 on that 650 wheeled beauty and it's my only carbon fiber bike...
5. Tri saddles and Road saddles are different beasts. My butt is thanking me for finally buying a road saddle for Red.
6. As many hills as I ride in the next 3 weeks, I unfortunately know that they will pale in comparison to the hills that I will encounter at the Triple T. Those are just sick. Especially on day 3...

Time for a run. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it longer than 4 miles this time!


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It looks like the weather is really turning nice around there right now. My parents (in Erie) said it was beautiful this weekend.

Good luck with the run and enjoy being a professional athlete for as long as it lasts!

Maggs said...

Oh yeah, when I finally put a road saddle on my road bike, I actually enjoyed riding it!