Monday, May 18, 2009

Two huge weekends in a row!

I've been absent from blogging lately, which usually means my life has been crazy town... but in a good way! I just sent off my parents who were in town for graduation. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Training was a little neglected, but you only graduate from Medical School once! It was so fantastic to have my parents (from Milwaukee) and my aunt and uncle in town (they drove all the way from South Carolina!). Roger was gracious enough to open his house up to my family and we had a great BBQ and bonfire on Saturday, and Sunday was a marathon day of two graduation ceremonies (whole-school convocation and the med school diploma ceremony). Some of my favorite pics from the weekend...

The yard looked fabulous for the dinner on Saturday:

It was definitely a bit chilly

But we kept warm by singing some campfire songs and eating marshmallows

Then came graduation day. The day started with breakfast followed by the class photo. My dad snapped this one when the photographer was taking the pic of the whole group

We also got some pics before the ceremonies. Here is one of me with my aunt and uncle:

And here is my "Supreme Court" shot.

Then it was time for 2 ceremonies followed by a nice lunch reception for all of our guests. I love this pic that Roger snapped of my parents and I:

Later that night was dinner at my favorite Indian Restaurant. Here is a pic of me with my family away from home (the Solomons- Lanny, Kathy and Daniel)

And here is Roger and I. Not sure I can be happier :-)

And finally, a family shot after dinner.

Next weekend is another HUGE weekend. My mom had been super bummed that she couldn't make it to Triple T. It was just too much driving to come out here two weekends in a row. So I went onto my frequent flier site and got her a ticket to Cleveland on Thursday so we can have some mother daughter bonding as she sherpas me through 4 races in three days at the Triple T! I am excited but a little nervous for the race. It's absolutely hell on the body and I'm only about 90% recovered from the knee problem at Cali. But the good news is I am now running pain free for up to 9 miles! We'll see how 27 miles in 3 days after climbing 10,000 feet on the bike is, though. Only time will tell. My one and only goal for this race is to have fun. Finishing would be super sweet too....


DaisyDuc said...

Congrats graduate and best of luck at TTT!! One of these years I need to do that race!

Brian said...

ditto. congrats and good luck at triple t

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Congratulations on the graduation! Good luck at the triple-T race.

Danny Montoya said...

Jodi you look amazing in your cap and gown!!!

Congrats and hugs and kisses from both of us :)

Steve Stenzel said...

CONGRATS!!! I love the "Supreme Court Shot!" Ha!

And wow!!! - good luck at the Triple T!!

Judy said...

Congrats!! Great pix!

Curly Su said...

Massive congratulations! Aren't the 3 stripes great??