Monday, July 03, 2006

A beautiful day for a swim!

I just got back from the pool. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning! Sun was shining and it was about 75 degrees at 5:45. These are the days that I am so thankful the pool is outdoors. The only problem with the swim today was that the pool was very hot! 2/3 of the pool is 3 feet deep with the last 1/3 5 feet deep. It was such a relief to swim the last part because the deep end is much cooler.

It was my third day back in the pool since my vacation. I have pretty much blocked out the Friday workout because it was so painful- 3600 meters- all strokes- all sprints. Not a single set was longer than 100 meters. It was painful, let me tell you. But while it's fresh here is what we did today:

200 warm up

100 streamline kick
200 IM
300 free

we repeated this set 4 times

8 X 50 on 1 min.

100 backstroke- 50 drill 50 swim
2 X 100 stroke on 2:45
100 breastroke - 50 drill 50 swim
2 X 100 stroke on 2:45

200 cool down easy

I could be wrong about this - I thought that it was a total of 3600 and this totals 3800- somewhere I have added an extra 200. I have the worst memory in the world!

So for the rest of the day I am going to attempt to find a shop to get my bike fixed, start writing a manuscript, and maybe get in an open water swim.

Anyone out there doing a running race tomorrow? I'm thinking it might be a fun way to start out the holiday :)


E-Speed said...

I'm debating the Aurora 5K tomorrow morning.
info at:

Ken Schulz said...

I've got a 2:30 run planned tomorrow! By the way, a sure way to tell if you are pushing the limit is not being able to count swimming sets anymore! Keep up the great training.

Cliff said...

as cookie monster said...

I am swimming into distnace where i can't keep track of my laps no more. I can't count that high... :) oh well.