Thursday, July 20, 2006

So much news!

It's been a long busy week! I'll summarize:

1. I signed up for Coeur d'Alene Ironman! 338 days left to train. Yikes! Yes, I do think that this is slightly crazy given that I have only done one triathlon (a sprint), however this will certainly be my last opportunity to commit this much time to training for at least 5-10 years. Might as well do it while I'm young :)

2. Went to the Musselman half ironman this past weekend. Had so much fun! I took a lot of pictures that I still have to upload. Great job to everyone who raced!

3. My first olympic race is in 3 days. I am really excited about it. Not so pleased that it is a 3 loop bike course (boring!), but my dad will be in town and he's doing the sprint. It will be such a fun day competing with friends and family.

4. I am getting faster on the swim! Put in 10,000 meters this week at masters practice. We did our first set of 100's this morning in quite awhile. I got my time down from 1:50 to 1:35 (meters) so far this summer.

5. I got my proofs back for my first primary authored publication! I also found out that my paper, and our collaborator's paper (I'm second author on that one) are both going to be published in the same issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC). Yeah, I'm a big, big science nerd.

6. How could I forget! I'm an auntie again! My first niece was born on the 13th (on her daddy's birthday). Here is a pic:

Ava Lewandowski- 8 pounds 4 ounces, 19 inches. What a beauty!

And her proud brother Ashton who is not too happy to have to wake up at 2 in the morning to go to the hospital with Daddy

I think that's it for now. I'll try to have a little more time to blog later. I hope to see most of the Cleveland bloggers on Sunday!


qcmier said...

1. I understand as I felt this year was my last opportunity to train the way I want. By the way, I had only 1 OLY tri and no HIM before this season. Besides I think you have an awesome base already.

3. Good luck on Sunday!!!

5. I'll have to look for your article in a few months. Still hoping someone checks my piece of crap thesis out of the library.

6. Congrats auntie JT!!!

trifrog said...

Lay out a conservative plan now to get to your goal next year. Any attempt to greatly increase your volume could lead to injury which will make it more difficult. Gradual increases followed by step-backs for rest should be put on the calendar now.

rob reddy said...

from slacker to IM entrant in one week - very nice!!

E-Speed said...

you definitely have a good base! You will do great! 1:35 for 100 m is pretty quick! Is that send off time or total time to swim it?

Jodi said...

I wish that was send off time! No, that was my swim time. It was a breathing drill set so the rest was long :)

Papa Louie said...

1. Congratulations on your decision to do an Ironman! Enjoy your training adventure.
3. Have a great race this weekend.
6. Congratulations auntie JT!

Rachel said...

those baby pics and little Ashton are precious! can't wait to hear the race report!

Ken Schulz said...

That's so awesome! You are going to do great and you will be a you-know-what! :)

Only 50 slots left, might even be sold out by now!