Sunday, July 02, 2006

Vacation Pics

Me halfway up our first hiking day in Colorado. This spot was located in the Poudre Canyon

This is a picture of the first summit we were supposed to be able to get to. However, we lost the trail, got totally lost and couldn't find a manageable way to climb this peak with just our hands (no climbing equiptment). On the way down we got so lost I swear I was ready to lay down and let the bears come and get me. Colleen was just terrified that we would have to call search and rescue (Her Fiance and his roommate are both search and rescue volunteers so it would have been very embarassing!)

Me showing the fork in the road that got us lost what I think of it.

Colleen and I near the bottom of the trail at Rocky Mountain National Part- day 2 of hiking

View from the top of hiking day number 2 - black lake.

Me and Kenai at 11,400 feet on our third day (and 30th mile) of hiking. What a great view!

What better way to get off a mountain than to slide on your butt?

Picture from the parking of lot of the mountains we climbed- We had to use this picture to find our way back to our car after we got lost (again!)

On the last day, I went rafting with my brother (left front) and his wife (right front). We got back just in time for me to get to the airport!


E-Speed said...

awwe great pics!

Thanks for trying to save our butts this morning! Speed Racer!

TriSaraTops said...

Awesome pics! Looks like fun! Hey, your friend Colleen looks like Elizabeth in that pic!

Papa Louie said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like what we did Alaska. Good hiking. We also did white water rafting and it was a blast. When I first got down to the river it looked scary but after successfully navigating through the first couple of rapids, it was like bring it on.

trifrog said...

I miss Colorado. I haven't been there in almost 2 years:

Weddings in Estes Park; triathlon seminar in Colorado Springs; off-season hiking and biking in Vail

It's time to go back - the mountains are calling me.