Thursday, July 13, 2006

I feel like a slacker this week

I haven't been feeling so hot this week. A little bit of a virus hit me on Monday night so my training has been a little bit iffy.

Monday: Swam in the morning, then biked to Squire farm at night (16 miles total)

Tuesday: I had meant to do the Columbia beach swim, but it was looking threatening as far as the weather was concerned so I decided not to make the 45 minute trek. So it was a total rest day!

Wednesday: Should have went to Master's but I woke up at 5 with a headache and very tired so I slept an extra hour. Then I woke up feeling VERY guilty. So I did the Cindy Crawford New Challenge workout (1 hour of toning- it is bad ass, trust me) and then went for a 20 minute run to work out the lactic acid

Let me take a break for a second to tell you how absolutely wonderful my patella band is:

This thing is a lifesaver! It has been a month since I have been able to run more than a quarter mile without pain in my knee. It has been so bad that I have done zero running outside competitions for weeks. Until I got this wonderful invention! I ran 2 whole miles yesterday with NO PAIN! I'm back :)

Today: I just got back from swim practice. It was a distance day. Great for me- as much as I hate doing it. The longest distance we did was 1000 meters. It was torturously boring, but I did it in 18 minutes (I know, I'm not a speed demon, but I was happy with it!). Our total yardage today was 3600 meters

So tonight I am going to go for a bike ride, tomorrow I'll go to swim practice again, and then I'm off to upstate New York to go to the Musselman Half Ironman. It should be a lot of fun. I am going to try to get a lot of training in since I'll have to start my taper soon, but it might be difficult.

Catch up with Ya'll later!


E-Speed said...

18 minutes for 1000 meters means that you can hang with the masters girl! So it's a start!

TriSaraTops said...

I think that's a great swim if ya ask me! :) See ya in NY!

trifrog said...

It's a good indicator that your body is telling you it's time for another rest period. Most training plans should include an 'off' week every 3 or 4 weeks when you drastically reduce mileage and intensity. Ideally, these should be timed to exactly coincide with when your body feels it needs it. It's sort of an art to learn to know your body that well so as to avoid the 'have to' break with illness and/or injury causing it. The trick is to work 'just up to that line' without going over it.

Ken Schulz said...

Is that your leg?!

Hey, good luck in NY! Be sure to post da pictures after the race.

Rachel said...

i love slacker weeks! except the guilt part...

qcmier said...

I hear you on those workout tapes. Some of those are really tough. See you in NY.

Papa Louie said...

Take this week as a time for rest and taper for the weekend.
Have a great race this weekend.

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