Saturday, December 30, 2006

And she emerges, victorious

Tell me that didn't just happen.

Did you really think that I would go down that easily?

Did you expect me to give up?

Did you try to catch me at a moment of weakness?

Did you think I didn't learn from our last encounter?

Look at me when I'm talking to you, house!

Sure I'm not the best plumber. I admit that the last time you messed with me I ended up with a $1200 bill. My bad. But I've grown since then, house. I thought you would have learned that.

How long have we been together- 5 years now? And you still have to pull this little shit on me at the most inopportune times. First it was the shower. You thought it was pretty damn funny to spring a leak and cause the ceiling to cave in when I was in Australia. Ok fine, we all got a little laugh out of that one. And then you had to take it one step too far. The hot water heater was just over the line. That really just pissed me right off. I know you realized it too. Tried to be nice to me for awhile. And now you have to pull this passive aggressive bullcrap again.

An hour before I was supposed to have my training buddies over you strike. Very funny. Water all over the kitchen floor. Good one.

Did you think I would actually just call a plumber?

Did you think that I would be above going to Home Depot after a 3 hour workout without a shower?

Did you think that your ass backwards 1930's plumbing, when nothing in the world was standardized, was going to hold me back?

Puuulease. You should know me by now.

I beat you this time, house.

I hope you learned your lesson you little smartass


JenC said...

Great job! I wouldn't have even attempted to fix the sink, but you have my greatest admiration!

Thanks again for having us over. I had a fabulous time!

teacherwoman said...

Nice job! Wonder Woman!

JeffM said...

It's alive! Sometimes with the weird timing some things break...

Charlie said...

Thesis, IM training, Plumbing.
Wow! How do you do it?.
Does anyone shower before Home Depot?

Wes said...

Tell me you fix cars too so I can swoon :-) What a dream woman!!

erichollins said...

What was wrong with the water in the kitchen?

Aleks said...

This needs to be an addition to the sponsorship letter. No joke, I used to review sponsorship requests for a living... this would get you bonus points!

SkiRough said...

Heehee... hilarious. :) I didn't know you lived in The Money Pit!