Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The pre-race conversation

Mind: I'm a little worried about Sunday

Body: Here we go....

Mind: I mean, I haven't run fast in 2 months. How am I supposed to do it now?

Body: Are you kidding me?

Mind: Have I told you our goal?

Body: Remember May when you made me do the last half? THAT was crazy. I was in terrible shape.

Mind: Yeah...

Body: Look at me. Remember how I looked in May?

Mind: Yeah, you were kind of flabby, I guess

Body: You weren't all that together, either, remember?

Mind: Do we have to get into the name calling? It was a difficult time...

Body: Exactly! And now look at us. I'm looking better than I have ever looked, I'm fueled better than ever, and I have muscles!

Mind: Come to think of it, I've been pretty good lately too. I haven't missed a workout in 10 weeks. I wake up refreshed, I'm confident, I'm happier than I've been in years...

Body: Now you've got it. Now that I have you back on track, we have to go through our plan on Sunday

Mind: Right, race plan, I almost forgot. What are you thinking?

Body: I'll take the first 10 miles. You have to let me go out easy. It's how I work. Start out the first mile slow. I don't want to see the clock read anything lower than 9:30 at mile 1. The congestion should help this. Don't let it frustrate you. We need to start easy! Don't worry, we'll make it up.

Mind: Okay, start easy. Mile 1 9:30

Body: After the mile marker we are going to pick it up. The beginning of the race is downhill. We are going to use that to our advantage. I want to see you hold the next 10K at 8:40 miles.

Mind: Geez... are you sure we can do that?

Body: Trust me!!!!

Mind: Fine. Then what

Body: At mile 7 we can ease off a little bit. Stop at some aid stations, I need you to drink some gatorade and take a GU. I'm taking the next 3 miles at 8:55. That takes me to your territory.

Mind: What do you mean?

Body: When we get to mile 10 I'm going to hurt. My wheels are going to come off, my joints will hurt, and I am going to want to stop. Your turn. I'm only leaving you 5k, so quit your bitching and drive!

Mind: Okay, okay. It's mile 10... I say we hammer it! Pain is weakness leaving your body. We are going to push harder. We are going to push a little harder for everyone who thinks we can't do it. We are going to push harder because Steve can't. We are going to push harder because we are healthy. We are going to push harder because of how happy we are to be alive. We are going to push harder because we want to get in line to get our picture taken with Elvis!

Body: You were doing so well, why did you have to bring the King into this?

Mind: I'm just saying the line might be long...

Body: Whatever gets the job done.

Mind: I'm so glad we had this conversation. I'm feeling better already!

Body: Great. Can we go to sleep now?

Mind: Right, you probably need some extra rest. Sorry about that.

Body: Whatever...


Ellie80 said...

ooo - this conversation sounds familiar :)

great read - you'll eat it up and spit it out!!! (and not have to line up for elvis at all!)

JeffM said...

I'd say you're ready!!

Cool post.

Kate said...

No misses in ten weeks?! Congratulations- that's phenomenal!!

And nice race strategy-can't wait to hear how it goes- you will be able to hold 8:40s for that 10k and I'm sure that regardless of how fast it is compared to your last, it will be miles and miles stronger.

Wes said...

That's all good stuff, Jodi! You are SO ready, and you will do fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Buddy, you will do fabulous at this race! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Cookie Monster said...

Great post! Good luck and remember, stick to the plan! You are gonna rock it! And it doesn't hurt to try to smile the entire race, make it a game. Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Remember to have fun. Isn't that the reason we do this crazy stuff?

Also, a couple of things to remember.
1. Double down on eleven & ten.
2. Split aces & eights.

Good luck.
Viva Las Vages!

TriSaraTops said...

Best of luck, and have fun!

Cliff said...

Enjoy the run..

got a question for the body..what if by mile 10, you feel fine?? :)

SkiRough said...

Very cute post! :)

Good luck on the half this weekend! I know a few people at that race and will be sending +++vibes++++ :)

Aleks said...

Too cute, we'll be thinking good fast thoughts on Sunday! :-) Kick ass and take names!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts Sunday. have a great race and a great time!