Saturday, October 06, 2007

Day off thoughts

-I love my days off. Slept in, ate peanut butter toast and coffee, went for a 40 mile bike ride which was wonderful, did some shopping at Performance Bike, watched football, acted like a lazy POS all afternoon. What a perfect day!

-Learning a ton at work lately. One of my patients is a severely delusional homeless paranoid schizophrenic without a legal guardian who has a life threatening MRSA infection but refuses many treatments that we think may be necessary for his recovery. Very tricky situation...

-I am out of shape and feeling chubbier by the minute. Please give me some inspiration to turn this situation around. Just not really motivated lately

-My running parter is back! My absolute saint of a dad came into town, painted my windows and dropped off Maddie. She's laying right next to me right now. The house was so lonely without her.

-Go Indians!

-Went to see Into The Wild last night. Phenomenal movie. Visually stunning and wonderful screenplay. Makes me want to go to the mountains

Speaking of mountains, I said I would post pics of my Colorado trip but then I never did it. So here ya go!

Me, Colleen, and Justine were roommates together for 2 years (I lived with Justine for 3)

Yes, our condo had a hot tub!

Silly wedding photos. I was asking people to make stupid phases and/or do stupid things...

I was the worst. Whenever Justine would ask me to make a face for the camera I would bust out laughing...

These two were good. This is: "Pretend there is pepper in your wine"

Shanna is a saint for doing "Pick your nose and hope no one is looking"

Overly happy face

Show me: "I just got married!"

Another overly happy face moment

And some pics from Estes Park:

Time to study!


Angry Runner said...

Good Lord! You ladies are quite lovely, I must say.

As for motivation: Shed the Garmin, HRM, bike computer, etc. Go out electronically naked and enjoy the scenery, don't worry about speed/pace, take a new route: just go. Remove yourself from any notion of "training" and enjoy it.

Works for me...I think.

JenC said...

I miss my bike riding partner and I'm having trouble motivating to get on my bike, so kick me into gear too!

Miss you, but glad to hear all is well!

Paul Fleuren said...

Very cool photos

keep it up


B Bop said...

ahhhh, mountains. great pics, makes me want to hop on an airplane.

Andy said...

Cool photos!! That's my old stomping grounds-- no wonder I like climbing so much!