Sunday, June 04, 2006

Biking and Beer- the perfect weekend?


I am so annoyed with my coffee maker. Whenever I make less than 12 cups (which is pretty much everyday unless we have house guests) there is a very good chance the the water flow will collapse the little paper basket. So then the grounds get caught in the outflow and I have a big coffee mess. Amazingly the coffee still tastes allright. It's lucky because one of these days I am going to have to sit down and have a nice long talk with Mr. Coffee about his work performance.

I also have to stop watching the food network at 8am in the morning. I just watched Giada make some fine Everyday Italian cooking and now I have a crazy urge to make homemade pasta sauce. This urge is not at all helped by the fact that I bought a Rosemary bush from Galley's garden center yesterday and a big package of basil from the store (I decided to take pity on my Basil plant which I have consistently raped and pillaged over the past month. ) The Rosemary bush is still sitting in my kitchen and makes it smell so good!

Okay, my weekend. Went out with the blogging crew on Friday and had a very good time. I haven't really gotten out much lately so it was very refreshing. I got another reminder of the fact that I really have to start watching what I eat. I am so starving lately! I had 2 pieces of pizza when we got there (free for happy hour- how awesome is that?) and then a couple hours later I scarfed down a chicken sandwich and fries (thanks Alan! I owe you one). This is on top of the 2 huge beers I drank (again, props to Johnny Malloy's- $1.25 drafts for happy hour. I think this is my new favorite place). I didn't stay out too late, though. I had a brick date with Janet at 9am Sat. and when I invited myself to the blogging party I didn't realize it was a front for a going away party for Su, who I'd never met (Nice to meet you!). I was cuttin' Z's by 11.

I got up by 6 on Saturday. That's pretty much my new "sleeping in" time. It's pretty sick that I can't sleep later than 6, but I guess it keeps me on schedule for my 5am wake-up during the week. I met Janet down in Parkman for a nice easy brick. It was so nice to go for a ride that didn't kill me. We took it easy (but still got in some good hills) for 26.5 miles and then took a 3 mile run with her dog Matches. Matches is the cutest dog in the world (Golden Retrievers are my favorite breed). He kept our pace down by taking little siestas in the grass when he was tired (it was really funny). It was a perfect workout for yesterday because I am really worried about keeping up with the group for the ride today so I didn't want to spoil my legs (and Janet has a race today- good luck!).

For today- The 8am swim was moved to 4pm. I am hoping that I can still make it. I'm meeting some CTCers out in Brecksville at 1pm for a 2- 2.5 hour ride. They said it would be "easy", but since Matt and our friend Adam are coming I have a feeling that the pace is going the be dizzying again. Hopefully someone that comes will want to take it a little easy :)

So the plan is to go riding at 1pm and then I'm going to run north to try to get to Columbia in time for some open water swimming with the club. If I don't make it in time I'm planning on going to the swim on Tuesday night, so I'll at least get one open water swim in this week.

Time to walk the Shmutt!


qcmier said...

I'm getting hungry just reading about food. MMMMmmmm pasta sauce.

You don't owe me anything as long as 1.) you don't post any incriminating photos of me from Friday night without my consent =) and 2.) you come on up to IM WI and cheer us on. =D

DaisyDuc said...

Girl, it was so wonderful to get to hang out Friday night and even cooler you made it all the way out to Parkman for our easy Saturday brick. It is amazing how fast time flies when you have good conversation along the way. Anyway myself and Matches were glad you could join us Saturday morning!!!

TriSaraTops said...

Very fun weekend! Wow you have a lot crammed in there! Very impressive! :) Wish I could have joined you on Saturday but I decided to be sadistic and relive my hell from last weekend. ha ha

Hope to see you Tuesday!

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