Saturday, June 10, 2006

My 100

1. I am 27 years old
2. I wouldn’t choose to be any other age
3. I love that I have been in school continuously since I was 5
4. I hate that I won’t have my first real job until I’m 35
5. But I realize how cool that is
6. My favorite food is peanut butter
7. I could eat it for every meal
8. But I limit myself to one per day
9. I love triathlon training
10. Nothing frees the body and mind more than a grueling workout
11. I always try to dance as if no one is watching
12. and sing as though no one is listening
13. I love spending time with family- and not just my own
14. I like talking to strangers
15. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
16. But I have some ideas
17. I was thinking about maybe being a team doctor for a pro sports team
18. Or maybe a dermatologist, or infectious disease doc, or a surgeon
19. I have wide feet
20. I love traveling to faraway places
21. but I get nervous on big planes
22. I know that’s dumb because it is usually the small ones that crash, but I just can’t understand the physics behind something that big staying in the air
23. I have the most amazing friends
24. I am early to everything
25. I love to laugh
26. I try not to take life too seriously
27. There’s nothing in life quite as exhilarating as falling in love
28. Except maybe skydiving or bungee jumping but I’m far too much of a wuss to find out
29. I get the most marvelous sense of calm when I am in or around water
30. But I get seasick in boats sometimes
31. I love Australia, but it’s too far away to ever move to
32. I am going to complete an Ironman someday
33. I wish the swim was longer and the run was shorter
34. I love watching movies but I hate TV
35. Except the Food Network, Modern Marvels, Myth Busters, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and American Idol
36. I realize that I should be ashamed of my love of American Idol, but I’m not
37. I have the best boss in the world
38. I love taking my dog to the park
39. I don’t think that a house is a home if it doesn’t have a dog
40. I get frustrated by politics and closed minded people
41. My favorite time of the year is fall
42. I love watching football and making apple pies
43. I love baseball and don’t think it’s boring
44. I want to go to every major league baseball stadium before I die
45. I love big cities but I don’t know if I would like to live in one
46. I am incapable of lying to people
47. Every once in awhile I treat myself to something special
48. I like people who aren’t afraid to make decisions
49. My idea of the perfect vacation is staying in a nice hotel on the beach, running in the morning, laying on the beach in the afternoon with a daiquiri in my hand, doing some exploring when I’m tired of that, scuba diving, body surfing, and eating really good food. And then at night… that all just depends on who I’m traveling with
50. I love coffee, but I hate that I am dependant on it
51. I get frustrated when people I love don’t take care of their health
52. I’m afraid of eating oysters
53. I hate tomatoes but love everything that’s made with them
54. I wonder how long it’s going to take me to get to 100…
55. There are few things in life cuter than little kids playing hockey
56. I really hate cleaning bathrooms
57. I love cleaning kitchens
58. I love sitting in hot tubs in the snow
59. with a glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream on the rocks
60. I have a love-hate relationship with running
61. Good music is therapeutic
62. My favorite course in college was Parasitology
63. but I’m not afraid of sushi
64. I’m a big, big science nerd
65. A close family friend once told me that if I was any more laid back I’d be unconscious
66. I took it as a compliment
67. I love triathlon training with groups of people
68. I am only competitive with myself
69. I have absolutely no memory for books or movies
70. When a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is there to hear it, I think it makes a noise
71. I am the most introverted person in my family
72. that’s saying more about my family than me :)
73. I bake cookies spontaneously and without warning
74. especially when I’ve had a little alcohol
75. I don’t like mirrors
76. I won’t go to gyms that have mirrors for walls- I think it’s weird that anyone would want to see themselves while running
77. I’m excited that Old School is on TV tonight
78. Someday I want to learn to play the guitar
79. I sing in the car
80. loudly
81. I think you need to live through winter to appreciate the spring
82. My dad has played Santa Clause for his friend’s kids on Christmas Eve since he was 30
83. I used to be his elf
84. My mom discovered exercise this year and I’m so proud of her
85. I love wearing my wetsuit
86. I never get cravings for popcorn, but when I smell it I have to have it
87. I like drinking beer from bottles
88. I like it when I’m sore
89. it means that I worked hard
90. I hate centipedes
91. When I was little I dressed up toads in Barbie clothes
92. I like getting dirty
93. I love Indian food
94. I think that I tend to underestimate myself
95. Computers frustrate me
96. I don’t get intimidated easily
97. No meal is complete without chocolate
98. I love eating fruit in the summertime
99. I love bad dancing
100. Triathlon people are amazing


TriSaraTops said...

OMG! Dude....

6,7,8: Ditto. Just ate some off a spoon.
21: I freaking hate planes. Matt will tell you I squeeze his hand blue.
32: Hey, me too! :)
34 and 35: Dead on, except no Idol for me
41-44: Sooooo dead on, I'm going to stadium #11 (Busch Stadium in St. Louis) in 2 weeks!
79-81. Yep--the singing is loud and bad, and winter makes ya tough
100. HELL YEAH! :)

qcmier said...

Great stuff!!!

Thanks for sharing all this.

DaisyDuc said...

1. wish I still was, but 29 is not so bad...
49. so when are we leaving b/c this sounds like my kind of vacation!
87. or cans or mugs!
100. very true including you!!

Fun list and how cool is it that your dad is Santa!!

trifrog said...

9. Yep
15. Me neither
24. I am not
77. KFC; it was on four times this past weekend and twice next weekend

I've got to make me one of these lists someday; I think I could only come up with 10.

E-Speed said...

46. I am incapable of lying to people
40. I get frustrated by politics and closed minded people
41. My favorite time of the year is fall
64. I’m a big, big science nerd
79. I sing in the car
80. loudly

No wonder we get along so well :)

I have been working on a 100 post since I started my blogger blog. I am trying to have a pic with each number. It is taking me forever! I think I am on like 47, lol

Papa Louie said...

Great list!
97. And it should be extra rich dark chocolate from Germany!

trifrog said...

77. Sorry that link didn't work; here it is KFC; right-mouse click it and open in new window

rice said...

I’m right with you on #40. I thought of going into politics but my wife said no one would vote for a person who says it like it is.

#70, the tree will make ‘sound waves’ which only become ‘sound’ when react with a receiver like an eardrum or microphone.

#75, I have come to love mirrors once I came to the conclusion that there is NEVER going to be anyone different in there, since then I love them. Except if I’m drinking.

Great list.