Monday, June 05, 2006

I am such a slacker

I really have to recover some motivation to do work. T minus 4 months and 25 days to the last day I can defend my thesis and still make the last re-entry date for medical school. And I am having such a problem getting motivated to write. Re-submission day for my manuscript is Wednesday. I think that's what the problem is. I Need to put this manuscript to bed before I can switch gears to number 2 (then 3 and 4 and a thesis...). So basically all I want to do when the weather is nice is train. I took off this afternoon to write and ended up biking 16 miles and running 6.

Anyhoo, enough complaining. A quick update on weekend training...

Sunday- Very nice day for a bike ride down in Brecksville. Kept a nice pace and did some very decent hills. I had a lot of fun talking to Brooks and Elizabeth and Alan. Met some other great people there, too, but they were in for a little bit more intense a workout than I was looking for. Total distance was 30 miles. Since my bicycle computer is a little too electronically advanced for my feeble mind I can't tell you stats. I have yet to set the trip meter so it just reads my odomter -1000. One day I'll figure it out. I just have far too much on my plate to sit down and learn the nuclear physics behind that contraption that sits on my handlebar and mocks me.

We finished the bike just in time to head up to Columbia for a swim. There were 5 of us in all (Elizabeth, Brooks, Rob, Kristina (who is hopefully joining the CTC soon!), and I). It was awesome. Very wavy and the perfect temperature. I realize that any normal human wouldn't take pleasure in rough seas, but I love it. It makes me feel like I'm in an Ocean. So for 30 minutes I got to pretend that I was far far away in Magical Happy Land (that's for you Rachel) on vacation with new friends. Can't wait to get back in tomorrow.

After that we had a little impromptu get together at my house. I gave into the urge to make pasta sauce Sunday morning so invited everyone over for some spaghetti. Probably should have thought about that beforehand so I could clean my house, but what the hell. It was a good time. A lot of funny stories were told and a lot of beer and wine drank. My opinion that the CTC is full of wonderful people was reaffirmed. All was well with the world.

Was supposed to get together with Brooks, Dave, and Matt to do some cycling today ( my arm was twisted into trying the GCT half course), but the planets were not correctly aligned and Verizon Wireless was having its programmed seizure this afternoon so that didn't happen. I probably would be near the brink of death right now had I biked 56 miles today, so it's probably for the better.

Done boring everyone for now! Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be back soon to keep everyone updated on my enthralling life. :)


qcmier said...

Holy crap, you're getting in some bike miles!!!

I hear you about the writing/thesis. It sucks. But I'm sure you'll do a great job.

rob reddy said...

I'm ABD - been that way for 5 years - will be that way for another 60 - 65 years.

Oh well

E-Speed said...

We should definitely get out and do 56 together. Give me two weeks for these weddings then I am there!

DaisyDuc said...

Dang, sounds like I missed out on all the fun Sunday!

Yeah, I am with ya on the bike computer thing. As long as I can see my speed and distance, it is all I really care about!