Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fun Run

I had a really great run this morning. Took the shmutt around Shaker lakes. When we went by Horseshoe lake park I saw that there were a few older ladies walking their dogs off-leash. Not one to deprive Maddie of a good time I let her run, play, swim, and get humped by a large black male dog. It was quite a sight. After all the fun we ran home- a round trip of 5-6 miles.

I biked in to work today. I have to stop thinking my commute is enough cycling for the week. I think I'll try to fit in a nice long ride this weekend somewhere.

I think that I am going to get more serious about attending the CTC training events. To do this I'll have to get to work earlier. I'm thinking I'll have to get in by 7 if I want to make any of the 6pm training sessions. Good bye to late nights! I'm thinking of making the Tuesday night swim and Wednesday night run weekly sessions. And yes, I should work on a bike ride at some point. yeah, yeah...

I'm getting excited for my summer vacation. I'm going to the wedding of my best friend (and roommate) from medical school in Chicago June 15-18 and then to Colorado the 20-24 to visit my current roommate, Colleen, who is spending the summer with her fiance. Between the two I'll be visiting the fam in Milwaukee. It should be really fun. I'll try to get in a little high altitude training in Fort Collins :)

I'll leave you with a picture of my roommates. Me, Matt, and Colleen relaxing after a tough week.


Rachel said...

Way to go for bike commuting! I've been doing the same. Sometimes, the motivation is just not there.
Also, I know what you mean about getting up early. It's SO important. And SO hard!

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