Friday, November 03, 2006

Casey Doobie Doo

I got these pics in my email today from my sister in law. This is my cute little nephew who turns 3 in 3 weeks. I am so excited to get to spend all of Thanksgiving week at home so I can hang out with the family and play with Casey. How fun!

Training is going great. I'm up to 2- 50 minute runs and 1-1:30 run this week. I am looking forward to the 90 minutes on the towpath. I'll have company on my run again! That's so exciting because running alone on the treadmill so so boring I feel like I could almost fall asleep.

Time for a running confessional:

When I go to my gym to run my slow 50 minutes on the treadmill I park as far away from the gym as I can. Then when I'm done I sprint to my car. Heart rate be damned!

Okay, you can all yell at me now.


Flatman said...

That is an awesome costume...what a cutie!

TriSonq said...

I WANT that costume. Not for Halloween, but to wear this weekend! It would be such a hit with the ladies. :p

Have a great weekend. Good luck to your Badgers.


Wes said...

That's some great pics. So you sprint to the car, eh? You rebel, you!

Anonymous said...

cute kid !!

Anonymous said...

Cute kid.

Kate said...

Aww cute!
and sneaky- it's so fun sneaking speed into workouts. Pity speedwork's not as fun as post w/o sprints!