Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It's official

Ironman has $210 more of my money has $15 more of my money

Now I just have to book my flight Cali

March 31, 2007 I'll learn what it's like to be half of an Ironman

Then I have 2 months and 3 weeks to get up the courage to do twice the distance.

Who's with me?


Cookie Monster said...

Yippie!!! You are going to have a blast! I'm procrastinating with my decision to do California. I also want to do Alcatraz, St. Croix, and a bunch more...

Wes said...

In spirit? LOL! Me! Me! Me!

Physically? You are on your own girl! Well, I'm sure some of your tri-buds will go with ya. Where in California is it? Sounds like a blast and I am jealous that I won't be ready to do a tri then myself. You are gonna have so much fun.

IMmike said...

The half won't be a problem for you if you're able to keep up with your im training. I did a couple of halves this year and thought they were a lot of fun - more fun than a full, because they are over quicker, you can go faster, and they don't kick the crap out of you.

The ralph's course is pretty cool. I did a training ride through camp pedleton in august and it's a really neat place. There can be a lot of wind there.

Good luck. BTW, don't train too much now. You seem to be training a lot at present. You'll just end up wearing yourself out for when the training really counts. Also, make sure you go really slow in all your training through march. You can get v. fast on base training so fight the urge to swim, bike, run w/anything even resembling Z4 intensity.

Samantha B said...

I think based on my IM, I'll be watching you first and then waiting patiently to hear about your experience and any advice!

You go girl! Money well spent!

TriSonq said...

You are going to do great.
Courage. You know you have enough of that.
You Go Girl! (Wow, I can't even carry that in writing!)

Deirdre said...

Yea!! I'm sure you're going to love it! No doubt you will do it and then be chomping at the bit for IMCDA!!

Noel said...

Good on ya!
Your first IM 70.3?
Have fun, pace yourself and save some for the run!


erichollins said...

Good luck. Just use the 70.3 as a training day and don't try to race it. If you race it, you'll probably wear yourself out and you'll need some time to recover and that race is right in the middle of your IM training. Just go out there at a comfortably hard but not racing level and just try to finish. You'll be fine, though.

Also, the water there is really cold, I think in the mid to upper 50's last year, so make sure you have a full sleeve wetsuit and a neoprene cap.

LoneStarCrank said...

Rock on! We look forward to seeing your progress and success! I always love the tinge of nervousness when you're about to press that send button on the registration and then the realization that, sink or swim I've got to get ready for that race. Always good motivation. You are well on your way.

rice said...

All the way buddy, I'll be here when you get back!.. They just said they are going to have a 70.3 in Newfoundland now. Makes me itch to start working toward it but got to keep my eye on the ball.. In the meantime I will live vicariously through you, ok..



qcmier said...

Don't plan on racing that, but maybe a vacation will be in order. I may not be in that race with you physically, but definitely behind you all the way. Good luck with the 70.3.