Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mind 1 Body 0

I think that I should be forced to walk around in body armour. All the time.

Last week I was getting ready to go out and was in a particularly good mood. I did a little dance while going up my basement stairs... and down I went. I landed directly on my patella tendon on my old un-carpeted stairs. Huge bruise didn't help my 80 minute run last Sunday.

This morning I topped it.

I was getting ready to ride my trainer. All excited to watch some football. Doing a little dance around my living room and BAM! Whapped my toes on my trainer. And, um, kinda broke my fourth toe.

So I'm writhing in pain on my couch looking at my bike. I know it's broken. Broken appendages feel different than sprained ones. If Miss Graceful knows anything, it's what a broken finger or toe feels like. So my toe and my brain had a little conversation:

Toe: Ow

Brain: You're just a toe

Toe: But I hurt real bad. I mean look at me! I'm all swollen and starting to turn black and blue!

Brain: Your point?

Toe: But it's going to hurt to put on those cycling shoes!

Brain: Yeah, well it's going to hurt to run 26.2 miles, too.

Toe: But that's different!

Brain: Suck it up princess. Put a sock on it and get on that damn trainer. We have a 135 minute workout to do.

That's pretty much how it went. I had an awesome workout. My heart rate was very low, so I put it in the big ring and hammered for 2 hours. I was sweating, it hurt, but in the end I feel great. Well, except for the toe. It's a little more swollen and a little more black. It better get over it. We have 8.5 miles to run tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

aw! your poor little piggy! :o|

rice said...

yeah that bite's I did that last year. Took me off the road for about 60days.. I would say no more dancing till after your ironman...



Kate said...

Good work keeping with it.. and weird coincidence- I cut my big toe in my first sea swim of the season yesterday. It was fine when I was actually cycling, but MAN it hurt when I stopped. Stupid toes. So small, but they can really make a workout more painful.

Cookie Monster said...

I'm totally impressed with your training! You've got the discipline and the drive. It's going to show big on race day. Keep it up!

Wes said...

Yup, we are going to have to send you to The Fantastic School of Grace and Poise. LOL. You are NOT a wussy girl, and if you say it again, I'm gonna hop on the next plane to Cleveland and kick your ass....

Charlie said...

Be carefull.
Way to stick to the work out.
Vince Lombardi would be pround.
Why do old football players walk with cains?
ever do a pool run?

Anonymous said...

You're a stud! (Studette?) I feel your pain, I broke my toe in the shower at the gym in July, it does hurt!

triteacher said...

Put away the dancin' shoes, girl! Good job training in spite of the toe though.

DaisyDuc said...

Guess I am not the only clutz around!

Way to tough it out!

Anonymous said...

You can't be real? I mean really, your hot in a wetsuit and swim cap, and you type "I was getting ready to ride my trainer. All excited to watch some football." You may just be the perfect woman.