Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Beat

So I am officially 34 days into my Ironman training and had my first day where I am totally beat. My run tonight was terrible. I usually start every workout raring to go. Tonight I just didn't have the spark. My heart rate showed it. The run was sluggish at best. There was a lame movie on Comedy Central playing at my gym and my playlist on my mp3 player (I have a whopping 128 MB of memory on that bad boy) has been through a dozen times now. I couldn't wait for my watch to hit 50 minutes. But alas it did. Time has a way of passing, albeit slowly when you're in pain. I limped my body home (after my ritualistic sprint to the car) and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my dinner. And now I"m just spent. It's not even 9pm on a Friday and I can't wait to go to sleep!

Looking ahead to next week I have an extra workout on tap. 3 double days, with an extra bike ride thrown in. I am very happy for the extra bike time because I feel it is a real limiter for me and I need to work extra hard in the offseason to build up some muscular endurance. I also have to start weight training. I have been putting it off this week because I've been so destroyed at night. But tomorrow I need to fit it in, no excuses. I am such a wussy girl. I need some muscle definition dammit! No one is going to buy that this little flabby girl is doing an ironman. I need ab muscles! I need some triceps! I need a drill sargeant to make me do my weight training!

Tomorrow I am going to do my training while watching football again. I'd like to ride outside, but I know that I would be miserable. I just don't have the money to buy cold weather gear and the high tomorrow is 45. It's on my Christmas list, though, so I should be set for the March/ April/ May rides. You might just have to shoot me if I have to do a 7 hour ride on the trainer. That kind of feat deserves a Nobel Prize.

One last shout out to my peeps doing IMFL tomorrow. I'll be watching you and cheering you on in spirit. The weather looks like it is going to be nothing short of perfect. Enjoy your day:

  • EricH #206
  • Coach Angela #2319
    CTC President Andrew Joyce #863
    My CTC Buddy George Vale #849

    And all the other great people that are out there giving it their all. You have come so far. You should all be proud of the committment, sacrifice, and dedication that got you to the starting line. Everything else is just icing on the cake. You will be Ironmen!

    Kate said...

    I'm tired too! But I don't quite have the "training for ironman" excuse :-) I had a busy morning, then started doing some marking at home and had to stop for a nap. Now I have to get myself in the mood to party!

    Have a great weekend!

    TriSaraTops said...

    You will have MANY, many days like sure you're sleeping lots and getting enough protein for recovery.

    I MISS that--and am still jealous of you! :) Just remember that...! ha ha

    LoneStarCrank said...

    It's not how you perform when you're at your peak, but when you're beat that is the true measure of will. Just think...when you hit that marathon in Idaho, I can't imagine you'll be feeling all that great either. Great job.

    DaisyDuc said...

    I think we all have those days from time to time. While I could feel bummed about not having the most stellar workout, I am usually prud of myself jsut to get though it!

    Just stay consistent with the weight-training. I find it to be so rewarding as you it is fun to watch the changes in your body.

    Anonymous said...

    One word: Uncrustables. Freakin' amazing stuff - and tasty! Check 'em out if you have a chance.

    ...and power through those double days!